• Pairing the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer takes a long time, and sometimes the connection will not open.
    First time you perform the pairing, it can take several minutes to establish connection. If more than five minutes go by with no result, please switch both units OFF and ON again.
    My LED pairing indicator for my subwoofer has stopped to light. Is it broken?
    No, your subwoofer is not defective at all! This is normal and by design of the product after it has been paired for a longer period of time.
    How many Bluetooth devices can I pair to SB 250 at one time?
    You can have several source paired, but only one active at the same time.
    There is an upgrade socket on the back panel. How is this socket used, and which kind of cable must I buy to use it?
    Although the owner's manual states that owner can use this connector for home upgrade procedure, this is not so. The USB-connector used cannot be bought in commercially available cables, and the port must be considered for technician's use only.
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  • I do not get audio from my TV.
    Make sure the optical connection is seated securely on the SB200 and on your device. Go into your device settings and make sure the digital output is enabled. On TV displays the option usually states "enable external speakers" or enable "digital audio output".
    When I am trying to program my Cinema SB100, 200 or 400 to learn the volume up, down and the mute codes from my TV remote controller, I can only get mute, or perhaps mute and a volume code, to work correctly. What is wrong?
    This problem is usually caused by pressing down too hard on the soundbar's VOL + or VOL - Buttons. Only press just enough for one click to be felt. If a second click is felt in the button, you are pressing too hard, and you are actually activating the MUTE function for learning, not VOL up or down. You may have to repeatedly let go of the VOL button on the soundbar, followed by pressing it again and then pressing the VOL button on the TV remote before the surround light on the soundbar lights up white and goes back to amber flashing, as a sign that this function has been learned. This is no problem, though. Just keep trying until the three commands have been learned. The soundbar only exits learning mode when you press and hold the surround button as the final step.
    My remote control is not working. I have a credit card-sized remote with disc type battery. Do I need to replace the remote control?
    It is usually not necessary to replace an unresponsive remote control. First, check to see if there is a small plastic tab extending out of the base of the remote control. This is a protective sleeve installed on new remote controls to prevent the battery from draining. Pull this tab to remove the plastic sleeve. The sleeve must be removed before the remote will operate. If the sleeve was removed or not present and the remote control is not working then a new battery should be installed before replacing the remote control. There is a small slide out drawer that houses the battery. The battery type will be either CR2025 or CR2032 for remotes of this size. Replacement batteries are commonly available from most electronic and convenience stores that sell small batteries. Check the number on the original battery and replace it with a battery that uses the same number. These steps will typically solve the problem.
    Why is my soundbar having interference issues with my mesh network?

    If you have a mesh network (more commonly seen in Eero Mesh networks), it is possible that you may experience your satellite speakers or subwoofer intermittently disconnecting from the soundbar. This is similar to normal interference that occurs with products on a similar wireless frequency. The special thing about Eero mesh networks is that they do not allow you to move a device to the 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz band. The system will automatically decide which devices should be on which band and will move them accordingly (switching whenever needed). Some of our soundbars run on a 5Ghz frequency which is where the interference can occur. Since we cannot change the signal in which they operate and we cannot change the band they are connected to via their Eero mesh network, there are a few things you can do to try and stop this from occurring. 


    1. Move the mesh nodes far away from the soundbar 
    2. Use the 2.4Ghz band instead of the 5Ghz band (if your mesh system allows this) 
    3. Ensure to enable/utilize the MU-MIMO setting (not applicable to all mesh systems). Please refer to your router's website to see if MU-MIMO is being utilized by default. 


    What is MU-MIMO? 

    MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User, Multi-Input, Multi-Output. This allows for the router to send a signal to multiple devices at one time vs. the previous version in which the router would be able to connect to multiple devices, but only send the signal to one device at a time. 


    NOTE: You may notice that when the soundbar is turned on, there may be a dip in the immediate internet speed, but it will go back to normal within less than a minute.

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  • I want to reset my Cinema Base device, is it possible to do that?
    Yes, that is possible. 1: Turn on your Cinema Base. 2: Press surround and volume - button simultaneously for 5 seconds. 3: When the source button on the Cinema Base lights amber for 1 second and goes off after. 4: Your Cinema Base is now reset.
    Is it possible to reset my JBL Cinema Base?
    Yes, this can be done very easily by doing the following procedure: 1: Power on the Cinema Base. 2: Simultaneously press the “Surround” and “VOL –” buttons (at the same time). 3: The Cinema Base source LED button will light amber in color, for 1 second, then the power button LED light will go off and on. 4: Your Cinema Base is now reset.
    How does Harman Volume work on JBL Cinema Base?
    Harman Volume on the Cinema Base has no levels, it's either on or off. It will remember the last setting when it's powered on. When you enable Harman Volume, you will hear audio feedback ( 4 tones going up when you turn it on, and 4 tones going down when you turn it off ) There is no visual indication that shows if it's on or off
    What is the voltage and power consumption
    Voltage is 100 - 240 Volt AC. Maximum power consumption is 120 Watts.
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