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  • Does the JBL EON ONE and JBL EON 208P have a battery built in, or do they both need to be connected to mains power?
    Both of these JBL PRO speaker models need mains power. There is no battery inside.
    Can I record directly from the 208P?
    Yes, use the MONITOR OUT sockets (1/4” and RCA are available on 208P, RCA on ONE) to feed into a recording device. Please note that these outputs are volume controlled, so set the volume correctly, depending on the sensitivity of the recording device.
    Can I connect my EON speaker to a computer with Bluetooth?
    Yes, provided that your computer supports A2DP Stereo audio streaming over Bluetooth, you can connect to JBL EON 208P and EON ONE. If your computer can connect to a mouse, a keyboard or a printer with Bluetooth, but not the EON speaker, please check if A2DP is supported. If it is not, ask the provider or manufacturer of your computer how to establish A2DP support.
    Does it have phantom power for microphones?
    No, there is no phantom power in the microphone inputs.
    All power to active microphones must be supplied from an external source.
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