JBL Horizon - Black - Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging and ambient light - Hero JBL Horizon - Black - Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging and ambient light - Front JBL Horizon - Black - Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging and ambient light - Back
JBL Horizon - Black - Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging and ambient light - Hero
  • JBL Horizon - Black - Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging and ambient light - Swatch Image
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JBL Horizon

The JBL Horizon clock radio starts your day with room-filling JBL stereo sound, enriched with the multi-sensory ambient glow of LED lights. The Horizon features two separate customizable alarms, for you or your partner. Wake up to one of three original digital alarm tones, the FM station of your choice, music from your smart phone via Bluetooth or a traditional buzzer. It offers five programmable FM radio presets, and can also stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth phone or tablet. The Horizon features a compact design suitable for placement on any nightstand or kitchen shelf. The crisp LCD clock display has a built-in light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment. Two USB ports can fast-charge your devices, including phones, tablets and wearables. The large Snooze/Light button combined with the clear LCD display makes JBL Horizon easy to use even when you are drowsy, and the built in battery backup system ensures you will always wake up, even during a power outage.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Rated Power Input 2 x 5W
Weight (g) 890

Audio Specifications

Frequency Response 70Hz - 20kHz

Dimension Specifications

Dimensions (cm) 16 x 18.3 x 8.6
Dimensions (in) 6.29 x 7.2 x 3.38
Weight (kgs) 0.89
Weight (lbs) 1.96
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads


What’s in the Box

  • 1 x JBL Horizon
  • 1 x Power adaptor (13V 2.2A) with exchangeable plugs
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x FM antenna
  • 1 x Safety Sheet

FAQs & How-Tos

How do I keep the radio playing after having been awakened by radio?
After the wake-up process is finished, and the radio alarm has been turned off by pressing the alarm button, it is necessary to press the radio button to keep the radio playing.
Can Horizon wake you up with Bluetooth music from a telephone?
Yes, if a telephone is connected via Bluetooth to Horizon, this is possible. When adjusting the wake-up timer, there will be an option to select various wake-up tones, or Bluetooth sound. Select Bluetooth as source, while the telephone is playing the music stored locally, or streaming what you want as wake-up music. When the wake-up adjustment is finished, music will be playing over Bluetooth through the Horizon. Press Pause on the source telephone, or press the round selector button (between the two arrow-buttons) on the Horizon to pause the music. Now the system is ready to wake you up with Bluetooth music. When wake-up time arrives, Horizon sends a Play command to the telephone, and music plays via Bluetooth. You can use music that is stored in the phone, use Spotify or play from the cloud. This has been tested with both iPhone 6 and Samsung S6, and should work flawlessly.
Where can i find the serial number for Horizon alarm clock?
At the bottom of your Horizon alarm clock, you will see a little cap where the backup-battery resides. Turn the cover lid left to open it, and on the back of the cover lid, you will see the serial number.
How do I program preset FM stations in my JBL Horizon?
The owner's manual can be a bit difficult to understand. Here is what to do to program a preset station that has not already been saved in any preset: 1 Turn on the radio by clicking the FM button. 2 Find the station you want to save by doing what is shown under pt. 8 B or C, either clicking or pressing/holding for more than 2 seconds the left/right arrow buttons. 3 Press and hold the FM button for more than 2 seconds. Now the preset number appears blinking. 4 Click on the left/right arrow buttons to skip through the preset positions. 5 When you have located the desired memory preset position, such as Preset 4, confirm by clicking the FM button. Now the desired FM station is saved in memory preset 4. If you have already saved an FM station in a preset memory position, and want to have a new station placed there instead, here is what to do: 1 Turn on the radio by clicking the FM button. 2 Jump to the preset station you want to change with the round central button. Each click advances to the next preset. 3 When you are on the preset you want to change, e.g. preset 4, press and hold the FM button for more than 2 seconds. 4 The FM symbol and the frequency will now blink. 5 Before they stop blinking, click, or press and hold one of the arrow buttons to go through the FM frequencies step by step, or perform station search. 6 When you have found the new station you want to save in preset 4, click the round central button. 7 Now the new station is saved in preset 4.
Can I do something to have my Horizon wake me up with lower volume than the built-in alarms?
Since the internal wake-up signals and FM radio do not permit adjustment of the wake-up signal volume, it may be desirable to use an alternative signal source. Connect a smartphone with Bluetooth, and set the Horizon to use the Bluetooth input for wake-up sound. If you reduce the output volume on your smartphone to a suitable level, you will experience a much lower signal volume when Horizon activates the smartphone through Bluetooth when the wake-up time has been reached. With a smartphone, both music from the phone's internal memory, its FM radio, web radio or streamed music may be used. If you want to wake up to a certain song, select the desired tune on the phone, and when it receives the Play command from Horizon, it will begin the right tune.
For how long does the alarm sound, if it is not interrupted?
Horizon's alarm sounds for 3 minutes, then it shuts off, or rather it goes into snooze, for 9 minutes. Then it sounds the alarm again for 3 minutes, followed by snooze for another 9 minutes. After this final snooze period, it starts playing, and keeps on playing until it is manually shut off. The light shuts off with the audio.
Is it possible to adjust light intensity on the display or the back panel ring lamp?
The lights cannot be adjusted by user. The digital front panel display has automatic light intensity adjustment, which follows the level of light in the room.
How is it possible to check the software version of a JBL Horizon?
By pressing and holding the Bluetooth and the Volume PLUS buttons at the same time. The software version is shown in the display.

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