JBL®  Everest™ Elite 700

JBL® Everest™ Elite 700

Around-ear Wireless NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sold from 2015 until now

Getting started with your JBL® Everest™ Elite 700

Getting started with your JBL®  Everest™ Elite 700

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Product Specifications

Driver size
Dynamic frequency response range
Driver sensitivity
102dB/1kHz, 1mW
Maximum SPL
Rated power input
Microphone sensitivity
Weight (g)
Dimension W x H x L (mm)
76.9 x 176.5 x 169.5
Bluetooth transmitted power
Bluetooth transmitted modulation
Bluetooth spec
Bluetooth profiles
A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2
Battery type
Polymer Li-ion Battery (3.7V, 850mAh)
Music play time with BT on
up to 25 hours
Driver sensitivity
99dB@1kHz, 1mW
Driver size (mm)

Experience a New Standard in Wireless Headphones

JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 700 is legendary sound brought to a new standard. Bluetooth 4.0 enables wireless connectivity while new NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology combines the immersive experience of noise-cancelling with the ability to control the amount of outside noise to let in, giving you the power to balance awareness of your surroundings with your listening experience. With legendary JBL Pro Audio sound delivering a dynamic acoustic experience, sculpted ear cushions providing unprecedented fit on your ears, a 15-hour rechargeable battery, and TruNote™ Auto Sound Calibration, now you can enjoy ultimate comfort, freedom and personalization. A built-in microphone allows for easy call access.

Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device for amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires.
Enjoy the same elevated experience and incredible sound JBL has been delivering to concert halls, studios and living rooms for almost 70 years.
These headphones are ergonomically designed to fit the unique contour of your ears. You’ll experience unprecedented comfort. Listen longer and enjoy it more.
For the first time, JBL combines the immersive experience of active noise-cancelling technology and lets you control the amount of outside noise to let in. So you have the power to balance awareness of your surroundings with your listening experience with the simple press of a button.
Be blown away by the cleanest, most authentic version of your music that you’ve ever heard. With the press of a button, TruNote Technology automatically calibrates the sound of the headphones uniquely for you.
Experience greater simplicity and a longer battery life with the auto off feature which powers the headphones off automatically when not in use.
Get even more control and personalization of your listening experience with this free App. Through your mobile device, you can create custom EQ settings, and access all other headphone settings and features.
Built-in microphone with echo cancellation technology delivers natural sounding calls.

FAQs & How-Tos

44 results
  • No, the voice prompts are only available in English.
  • The Elite headphones are equipped with an auto off capability to preserve battery life when not in use. The headphones will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity: meaning no audio or voice. In situations where the user would like to enjoy the benefits of the ANC technology only - when not listening to music or talking on the phone , we advise to turn off the Auto Off feature in the app to keep the headphone running continuously.
  • Yes. By using the My JBL Headphones App you can change the equalization settings of the headphone to fit your personal taste. JBL provides you with three presets, or you can adjust the setting of each frequency to create your own personalized EQ
  • It is possible to replace the ear pads, but there are details to consider. On Elite 700: The ear pads are held in place by a plastic plate with claws, and some of the claws will most likely break off when you remove the pad. You do this by grabbing under the edge where the fabric ends, then pulling hard outward. The claws will eventually let go, and some of them will break off, rattling inside the ear pod. The only way to get them out is to unscrew the speaker plate, lift it up, and shake out the broken-off claws. The new pads are simply centered over the speaker plate, and the claws pressed into the holes with a firm pressure. On Everest 700: The ear pads are glued into position with double-adhesive tape. Pull the old pads off with a forceful, steady pull, until the glue lets go. Remove the protective layer on the new pads, and carefully position them correctly before pressing home all the way around the edge.
  • The EVEREST models 100, 300 and 700 are all updated with the HID (Human Interface Device) tool, available in the download section for each model. This tool works with Windows computers only. The EVEREST ELITE models are updated with a USB tool available on the special Everest web page. This tool is available in both an Apple MAC OS version and a Windows version. This USB tool update is used for the first production run of ELITE models ONLY, and only once! All later production runs, and all updates after this first USB update, will take place wirelessly through the My JBL Headphone app, made for iOS and Android.
  • No. The only way that the Noise Cancellation feature can be activated is while you are using the headphones wirelessly. You cannot use NC while the headphones are plugged into a device or charging.
  • Yes, the two model 300 versions are of identical size, and so are the two model 700 versions. The carrying cases can be purchased as spare parts.
  • Yes, both ELITE 300 and 700 can do this.
  • The Everest product uses standard Bluetooth protocol for audio communication. Gaming headphones usually use a different frequency and protocol for audio communication.
  • Yes, in the app.
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