JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone

JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone

Wired Dynamic Vocal Mic with Cable

Sold from 2020 until now

Getting started with your JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone

Getting started with your JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone

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Product Specifications

Polar pattern
Frequency range
50Hz- 15 kHz
Electrical impedance
600 Ohms
Output type
6.3mm audio out
Ø46.7mm x L188mm (Ø1.84inches x L7.40inches)
Net weight
110 g (0.24 lbs)

Sign along any where anytime JBL PartyBox and the PBM100 Dynamic Vocal Mi

Plug in and rock out with the new JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone, the perfect vocal performance mic for your JBL PartyBox speaker. Engineered specifically to pair with the full line of JBL PartyBox speakers, the PBM100 delivers a sound experience like no other. Easy plug-n-play setup lets you instantly sing along to your favorite tunes. With the PMB100, you can turn parties into superstar sing-alongs guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime. Let the party get started!

Legendary JBL audio engineering in a vocal microphone.
Just plug n' play with the PartyBox and sing-along
The cardioid pattern effectively captures vocals and minimizes ambient noise making it ideal for vocal applications.
Sleek, rugged built-to-last stage-quality casing.
Surpresses windblasts and background noise so you can deliver a stellar performance without interferance.

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • Microphone Cleaning (handheld mics)


    There are two very important reasons to keep your microphone clean.

    1. Hygiene/Germs, especially when a mic is used by multiple people, can unknowingly be spread.
    2. Dried spit, dust, dirt and debris can build up in the screen and sponge, negatively affecting the microphones’ ability to accurately pick up and reproduce the voice or instrument.


    To clean the microphone…

    1. Remove/Unscrew the grille from the microphone, turning counter-clockwise.
    1. Remove the foam from the inside of the grille.
    1. Wash the foam with warm water and dish soap.
    2. Clean the grille with any household non-abrasive disinfectant/cleaner.
    3. Thoroughly dry both the grille and the foam.
    4. Insert the foam into the grill.
    5. Screw the grille back onto the microphone, turning clockwise.


    NOTE: For quality purposes, it is recommended that the screen of the microphone be cleaned once per month when used on a regular basis. For hygienic purposes, when used by multiple people, cleaning is recommended more often, possibly even nightly.

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