JBL Endurance SPRINT

JBL Endurance SPRINT

Vanntette In-Ear trådløse sportsøreplugger

Getting started with your JBL Endurance SPRINT

Getting started with your JBL Endurance SPRINT

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Product Specifications

Driver size (mm)
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB)
Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)
Impedance (ohms)
Number of drivers per ear
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth profiles
HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.5
Bluetooth frequency
Bluetooth transmitted modulation
Charging time (hours from empty)
Maximum music play time with ANC off (hours)
Maksimum spilletid (timer)
Secure Fit
IP Code
Siri/ Google Now
Built-in Microphone
Hands Free Call
Touch Control
Speed charge
Rechargable battery

Aldri vondt. Faller ikke ut

Ikke la noe stoppe treningen din. Trådløse og med IPX7-vanntetthet: JBL Endurance SPRINT-ørepluggene er alltid klare til en løpetur, og med hurtiglading får du en time lyttetid etter bare ti minutter lading av åtte timers-batteriet. FlexSoft™-øreplugger og TwistLock™-teknologi gir enestående komfort, og er utformet fra A til Å for å forbedre din treningsøkt. Garantert å aldri gjøre vondt eller falle ut, og med touch-kontroller til å håndtere musikk, samt MagHook™ som gjør det enkelt å oppbevare dem når du er ferdig.

Bluetooth®-tilkobling lar deg strømme høykvalitetsmusikk uten knotete ledninger som kommer i veien for treningen. Ti minutters lading gir én times avspilling.
Sikker Ear Hook-design gir enestående stabilitet under treningsøkten. Magnetic Hook gir en praktisk oppbevaringsløsning når ørepluggene ikke er i bruk. Klips dem fast til t-skjorten eller bagen din for enkel oppbevaring.
Takket være TwistLock™ og FlexSoft™-teknologi er disse ørepluggene både lette og ergonomisk utviklet for å sikre komfort og stabilitet, uansett treningsform.
Med IPX7-vanntetthet er JBL Endurance SPRINT utviklet for bruk alle typer værforhold. Holdbare og laget for å vare i alle elementer.
Lar deg enkelt styre musikk og samtaler gjennom kontroll av volum, avspilling og pause, og sangrekkefølge med et enkelt trykk, slik at du kan fortsette med det du gjør.
Bluetooth®-teknologi muliggjør håndfri-samtaler slik at du kan fokusere på treningen din.

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • This headphone does not support aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency audio codecs.
  • The headphones can pair to multiple devices but can only be connected to one device at a time.
  • The JBL Endurance SPRINT, JUMP and DIVE can be used in salt water (i.e. sea) but we recommend to thoroughly wash the headphones in fresh water after every use in salt water, to remove the salt residue. Please note that only DIVE can actually be used in water, because it features a function lock and a built-in memory for MP3 music files. SPRINT and JUMP cannot be used in water, because the touch buttons will malfunction when submerged, and Bluetooth cannot function at all under water.
  • Because bluetooth cannot travel through water, the only Endurance model that is used for swimming is the Endurance DIVE model. The Endurance DIVE model features an MP3 player which allows you to listen to music under water without using bluetooth. Furthermore, only DIVE features a function lock, which prevents water from activating functions inadvertently. SPRINT and JUMP do not have this lock function, and will not work under water.
  • If connecting for the first time, the headphone will enter pairing mode automatically after it is powered on. To turn the headphones on, simply spread apart the RIGHT power hook from the cord. You will see solid red LED and then it will flash blue as it begins to search for a device to connect to. The Endurance headphone should pop up on your discoverable devices within a few seconds and you should be connected! If you wish to turn off the headphones, remove them from your ear and allow the RIGHT power hook and cord to close together. This is magnetized, so they should close together with ease.
  • To pause/play press the "L" on the JBL logo located on the RIGHT ear for 1 second. If you want to skip the track forward, press the "L" on the JBL logo on the RIGHT ear hook for 2 seconds. To skip tracks backward, press the "L" on the JBL logo on the RIGHT ear hook for 3-4 seconds.
  • If you are experiencing issues getting the app to communicate with your headphones, (assuming you have already paired the headphones with the device) go into the communication apps audio settings. You will likely find the resolution there. You may have to set your headphones as the ‘communication device’ within the app you are using. 

  • To pair to a different device, double tap and hold your finger on the JBL logo for 5 seconds until you see the LED light flash blue. Make sure that the device you are trying to connect to is in range and in pairing mode. You should see the Endurance headphone pop up on your discoverable devices within a few seconds and the flashing LED light should now be a solid blue.
  • There are several easy ways to prevent damage to your headphones, and please follow the steps below.

    1. If the USB port has a cover, please always have it covered, except when charging.

    2. Always be sure the USB port and connector are dry before connecting to charge.

    3. Do not allow any oils, stains, sweat, or corrosive materials to contact the charging port. It will eventually damage the port.

    4. Do not damage or block the USB port. For example, do not force it in if you have trouble inserting the USB connector into the port. Instead, examine the port and remove foreign substances that might be inside or blocking the port.

    If you need more assistance, please contact the Customer Service team.
  • For all models except Endurance Peak:
    Press the headphone touch control located on the RIGHT ear loop for 15 seconds while the headphones are being charged.
    Note that resetting the Dive will not erase music contained in the MP3 memory.

    Endurance Peak reset: While the pods are being charged, tap the touch pad on the right pod once, then tap again and hold for approx 18 seconds, or until the LED blinks.

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