• Which products are supported by the JBL QuantumENGINE software?
    JBL Quantum 300, 350, 400, 600, 610, 800, 810 ONE, TWS and Stream are working with the QuantumENGINE
    What JBL QuantumENGINE features can I use with my JBL Quantum Stream microphone?

    The JBL Quantum Stream microphone is compatible with the JBL QuantumENGINE software. You can customize or use the following settings/features via the JBL QuantumENGINE:

    Microphone settings
    Polar patters (Cardioid / Onnidirectional)
    RGB LED Light colors + animations/effects
    Update firmware + software
    QUANTUM ENGINE: Software Update Release Notes
    Software Update Release Notes
    Software Version:  V1.11.0.1511
    Release Date:  September 19, 2022
    Release Media:  Website & Quantum ENGINE

    What’s New
    1. Improved firmware stability upgrading process flow for the QUANTUM 910.


    Software Update Release Notes
    Software Version:  V1.11.0.1510
    Release Date:  August 24, 2022
    Release Media:  Website & Quantum ENGINE

    What’s New
    1. Added support for the new QUANTUM 910 Wireless Headphones
    2. Over 30 improvements addressing user interface, usability, and stability of the app for a better user experience.
    How do you reset the Quantum headset?

    To reset a Quantum headset, you need to connect the product to your computer and open the QuantumEngine.

    When you have the QuantumEngine open, go to the "System Software" tap and press "Restore Factory Settings".

    Only products that are compatible with the QuantumEngine can be reset this way.

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  • Wireless Microphone Information

    The JBL Wireless Microphone set allows 2 x wireless microphones* to be connected to any Partybox model through the use of a dongle connected to the Mic/Guitar jack input. Additionally, a 3rd wired microphone - like the JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone, can also be connected to the switchable Guitar/Mic 2 input (available on the Partybox 310 & 710). This will also work when using the non-switchable Guitar input on other Partybox models - however, this will bypass the karaoke effects including echo for the connected microphone and would generally have a slightly different sound character/timbre to a microphone connected to the Microphone input.

    *This includes the Partybox On-The-Go, a maximum of 2 wireless microphones can be connected and used simultaneously. The standard bundled Partybox On-The-Go microphone can only be connected to the Partybox On-The-Go that it came bundled with, it also cannot connect wirelessly to any other Partybox models or portable speakers other than the Partybox On-The-Go that it came bundled with. Only one standard, bundled Partybox On-The-Go wireless microphone can be connected at a time, unless the JBL Wireless Microphone is purchased (sold separately), a spare part will only work as a replacement, not simultaneously.

    PartyBox ModelMic ArrangementPorts UsedMAX
    Encore1 Wireless (pre-paired) OR 2 Wireless (sold separately, second microphone needs to be manually paired as described in Owner's Manual)N/A - Wireless (pre-paired, no Wired Microphone port)2
    100/110/Encore Essential1 Wired OR 2 Wireless (dongle)Mic Port2
    2001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (dongle)Mic Port2
    3001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (dongle)Mic Port2
    310/310 MC*/7101 Wired AND 2 Wireless (dongle)Mic Port AND Mic/Guitar Port3
    10001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (dongle)Mic Port2
    On The Go1 Wired AND 1 Wireless (pre-paired)

    2 Wireless (dongle)
    Mic Port AND N/A - Wireless (pre-paired)
    Mic Port (pre-paired microphone will not work simultaneously when dongle used)
    * Partybox 310 MC - is a standard Partybox 310, which comes bundled with 1 x Wired Microphone (PBM100).
    Microphone Cleaning (handheld mics)

    Microphone Cleaning (handheld mics)

    There are two very important reasons to keep your microphone clean.

    1. Hygiene/Germs, especially when a mic is used by multiple people, can unknowingly be spread.
    2. Dried spit, dust, dirt and debris can build up in the screen and sponge, negatively affecting the microphones’ ability to accurately pick up and reproduce the voice or instrument.

    To clean the microphone…

    1. Remove/Unscrew the grille from the microphone, turning counter-clockwise.
    1. Remove the foam from the inside of the grille.
    1. Wash the foam with warm water and dish soap.
    2. Clean the grille with any household non-abrasive disinfectant/cleaner.
    3. Thoroughly dry both the grille and the foam.
    4. Insert the foam into the grill.
    5. Screw the grille back onto the microphone, turning clockwise.


    NOTE: For quality purposes, it is recommended that the screen of the microphone be cleaned once per month when used on a regular basis. For hygienic purposes, when used by multiple people, cleaning is recommended more often, possibly even nightly.


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