JBL Link Bar - Grey - Voice-Activated Soundbar with Android TV and the Google Assistant built-in - Hero JBL Link Bar - Grey - Voice-Activated Soundbar with Android TV and the Google Assistant built-in - Front JBL Link Bar - Grey - Voice-Activated Soundbar with Android TV and the Google Assistant built-in - Back
JBL Link Bar - Grey - Voice-Activated Soundbar with Android TV and the Google Assistant built-in - Hero

JBL Link Bar

JBL Link Bar er en netforbundet soundbar med indbygget Android TV og Google Assistent* (*hvor tilgængelig). Den gør alle fjernsyn smartere og byder på legendarisk JBL-lyd. Bare sig ”Hey Google” for at finde det seneste biografhit, tjekke et sportsresultat eller styre dit smart-hjem med intet andet end din stemme, og uden at forlade det, du ser. Du vil opleve exceptionel lyd og pragtfuld billedkvalitet. Den er nem at installere og tilsluttes dit TV med et enkelt kabel, så opsætningen går som en leg. Link Baren udnytter JBL’s lydekspertise i et intelligent fremstillet lydsystem, der er præcist indstillet til at give en effektfuld og spændende lydoplevelse med krystalklar diskant, fløjlsbløde mellemtoner og kontrolleret bas fra én enkelt soundbar.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Enhed 2 x 20 mm diskanter, 4 x (44x80)mm (1.7"x3.2”) racetrack-enheder
Samlet maks. effekt 100 W
Frekvensområde 75Hz–20kHz
Signal-støj-forhold >85 dBA
Strømforsyning 100-240 V~50/60 Hz
Bluetooth-version 4.2
Frekvensområde for Bluetooth-sender 2402-2480 MHz
Trådløst netværk 802,11 a/b/g/n/ac (2,4 GHz/5 GHz)
Flere 4K-video HDMI-indgange
Indbygget Chromecast
Mål (B x H x D) 1020 x 60 x 93mm
Bruttovægt 4,4 kg
Nettovægt 2,5 kg
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads


What’s in the Box

  • 1 x strømkabel
  • 1 x fjernbetjening
  • 1 x HDMI-kabel
  • 1 x opstartsvejledning
  • 1 stk. Garantikort
JBL Link Bar - What's in the Box

FAQs & How-Tos

How to turn on TV with your voice
To turn on/off the TV, the recommended control is “OK Google, turn on”/”OK Google, turn off.”

Note that this depends on your TV manufacturer and if they support this via HDMI CEC (This works only for HDMI connection).
I have poor picture quality when streaming videos
The quality of content depends on your Internet bandwidth. The minimum Internet speed is at least 25Mbps (megabit per second) or above for the best performance.
When using the LINK BAR to the WiFi router, always use 5 GHz WiFi band for highest performance at any time.

If you are still struggling with the quality of your content, then we have added an Ethernet port (LAN connection), which allows you to wire the LINK BAR for a steadier connection and performance.

More actionable advice:
  • Limit your device(s) at night or when you are streaming content that requires the best performance possible!
  • Upgrade older product that could cause slow data transfer.
  • Move devices that are capable of connecting to 5 GHz WiFi and leave "Legacy" product on 2.4 GHz only.
  • Upgrade your router. Upgrading to a newer generation router is cheap and effective way to improve your home network in every way. It provides both a better Wi-Fi range and stronger signal.
  • We are recommending that you go for a mid to high-level Wi-Fi router.
You can use the device without turning on TV
The LINK BAR is always ON, and you can ask the LINK BAR questions whether your TV is ON or OFF.
You can easily play music as well, there are no limits!
Which Audio codecs is supported?
Our LINK BAR supports the following:
MP3, AAC-LC, HE+ACC, FLAC, Vorbis, Wav, CELT/opus via Wi-Fi streaming, and with Bluetooth SBC and AAC.
Can the speaker be used with Bluetooth without setting up Voice Assistant?
JBL Playlist: Yes, it can be used with Bluetooth out of the box, and also Chromecast (setup is done via Google Home, but speaker does not have Google Assistant built-in) JBL Link Bar: Yes, it can be used with Bluetooth and Chromecast after setting the bar up with a Google account - choosing not to activate the Google Assistant. JBL Link Music: No, this speaker requires setup via Google Home JBL Link Portable: No, this speaker requires setup via Google Home JBL Link 10, 20 and Link View: No, these speakers requires setup via Google Home Harman Kardon Citation series: No, this speaker requires setup via Google Home Harman Kardon Allure: Yes, Bluetooth is available from factory settings. Every time it is powered on and off, the speaker will say "Now in setup mode, follow the instructions in the Harman Kardon Alexa App." Harman Kardon Allure Portable: Yes, Bluetooth will be available after initial setup in the Harman Kardon Alexa App. This means that you have to log in with your Amazon account at first, and if you do not want to use the Alexa assistant, log out of you Amazon account afterwards. Harman Kardon Astra: Yes, Bluetooth will be available after initial setup in the Harman Kardon Alexa App. This means that you have to log in with your Amazon account at first, and if you do not want to use the Alexa assistant, log out of you Amazon account afterwards.
How to play music using Bluetooth
Playing music over Bluetooth connection is very simple to do:
  1. Short press the dedicated Bluetooth button on the LINK BAR.
  2. Go to settings on your phone.
  3. Find Bluetooth and enable it.
  4. Select the JBL LINK BAR in your device list.
  5. You are now paired and ready to jam your favorite music!
Learn how to troubleshoot when you can’t connect your Google Assistant device to your home Wi-Fi network.

The Checklist

Let us walk-through a list of things needed to ensure every requirement is met.

  1. Check your mobile device if that is able to connect to same Wireless network.
  2. Make sure you are within range of your Wireless router.
  3. Check the Wireless signal on your mobile device, does it have a weak signal then move closer to the router.
  4. Try both Wireless network bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz in case one of them are failing.
    1. You will have longer range with 2.4GHz, but less performance and most of the times a crowded network (many devices are using 2.4GHz band).
    2. You will have less interference with 5GHz and higher performance, however, the range of the 5GHz network has shorter range.
  5. Try using a different mobile device, if you have one.
  6. Reboot your Wireless network router and your mobile device.
Watch the video below for help with setting up your Google Assistant device.

Wireless Network Extender

Some houses or apartments can be too big for one Wireless network router to cover it all.
Let's talk about the issues that might appear with an Extender network.

  1. Network Extenders that will help cover poor signal in your home, often results in poor connection and low speed performance.
  2. Often the Network Extender is a low budget device or not suited for having too many devices attached to it.
  3. Placement of the speaker is crucial as you can put it in a place where it could connect to either main Wireless router or the Extender, that will confuse Wireless network devices.
  4. To solve this issue, try move the speaker closer to main router or have fewer devices attached to your Wireless Extender.
  5. In addition, always use 5GHz connection between your Network extender and main router (best solution and performance).

One Wireless Network Name (SSID)

  1. You may have set the Wireless Network SSID (Wi-Fi network name) to one big Wireless network (With a main router + Extender(s).
  2. If the speaker is within range of both Wireless networks (Main router & Extender) then it can get confused with which one to connect to.
  3. To solve this issue, using two different name for your extended network will help with the performance of the Speaker and Google Assistant request.


How to pair the Remote Control
We included a Remote Control in your box (I know, that's sweet of us), and you need to pair it with your LINK BAR before it is working.

This is how you will do it
  1. Press the BLUETOOTH button on the LINK BAR
  2. Now hold the BLUETOOTH button down for 3-5 seconds.
  3. When you see "SEARCHING FOR ACCESSORIES" on your TV screen, release the BLUETOOTH button.
  4. On your REMOTE press the HOME and BACK buttons at the same time.
  5. A Green LED light will flash on the REMOTE to indicate that it is in pairing mode.
  6. Keep holding down the buttons until you see a message on the TV screen that says, "Pairing remote control to LINK BAR" After 10 seconds, release.
  7. If done successfully on your TV screen, you will see an indicator counting down that it will "pair" with your remote.
Enjoy your entertainment with few clicks away!

BONUS TIP:  There is an Android app called Android TV that will turn your Smartphone into a Remote controller.
Not responding to your Voice-commands
Let's see what we can try to do to solve your problem.
  1. Check if the Privicy-Switch button is OFF (the MUTE button on the LINK BAR).
  2. Go to the settings menu, “Device preference --> Google,” check “OK Google” detection is enabled.
  3. Make sure there is no objects place on top of the LINK BAR which may block the microphones.
Our recommendation for wall mounting
Every person has different preferences for wall mounting products. Nevertheless, we tried out varies options and found this to be the place for optimal sound performance.
  1. Use the included "Wall-mount guide" that came with your LINK BAR.
  2. From the down edge of your TV screen, measure 50mm (using the guide for the screws) or 5 cm or 2 inches depending on the country.
  3. It will perfectly align the LINK BAR close to your TV and give the best performance.
Also, you won't have to deal with HDMI cables being too short!

These are our recommendation if you want to place it further down, be our guest!
The sound and performance will still be magnificent!
How to pair your Subwoofer
If you want to add more depth and bass to your LINK BAR, we have a dedicated subwoofer (not included with the LINK BAR) that you can purchase!

Pairing the Subwoofer is very simple:
1. Turn on the soundbar and the subwoofer. If the connection is lost, the LED indicator on the subwoofer blinks slowly.
2. Press the “Subwoofer Pairing” button on the SW10 subwoofer to enter pairing mode. The LED indicator on the subwoofer blinks quickly.
3. Press the “Subwoofer Pairing” button on LINK BAR, the LED indicator on the LINK BAR blinks rapidly
4. If successful, the pairing LED indicator on both subwoofer and LINK BAR will be a steady white LED light. If pairing fails, the sign on the subwoofer blinks slowly.
5. If the pairing fails, repeat the steps above. If you are still experiencing problems, please try to switch off all wireless devices in the home (such as routers, TV sets with wireless function, telephones, computers, etc.), then try again. It may be overcrowding on the 5GHz frequency, which often causes problems. By eliminating all other wireless activity, this will help space for the LINK BAR to establish its connection. You now should be able to pair without problems. Once pairing is complete, you can switch your devices on again
How does our system figure out which speaker you talked too?
Let's say you have 4 LINK devices in your home and you start your day with "OK Google, How is the weather?".
All of your devices will "light up" and start listening to the command. However, only one of the speakers will give you the information (if they are under the same account).
The speaker with the best microphone reception will respond with an answer.

Please note: if you have muted all speakers or 3 out of 4 are muted, then only one will respond and the rest will not react.
If all speakers are muted, all will be silent.
How to adjust EQ and settings when watching or playing games (without leaving the app)
Sometimes you need to change settings such as changing EQ to match the content you are watching or adjusting the bass level.
  1. Grab your Remote control.
  2. Press and hold the "HOME" button down, an overlay on the right side of the screen will appear.
  3. This is our quick settings menu.
  4. Go to Settings --> Sound --> Select EQ Mode
  5. Hit the back button Arrow icon a couple of times until you are back at what you are watching.
With the Quick settings menu, you don't have to stop and leave the app or content you are watching, its very simple, and easy to use!
My user experience is slow. How can I resolve this?
When you are installing new apps or adding content to your LINK BAR, the system may be a bit slower when dealing with multiple things.
Here is a couple of things you should know.
  1. You need a speedy internet connection to download all the content you added.
  2. Wait for everything to be finished, then you can enjoy the system without any issues.
  3. Reboot LINK BAR after installing all apps. A fresh reboot can help and enhance performance.
How can I enable 10-bit color on the HDMI Inputs?
To get the full potential of the HDMI content/source you have in your home, then you need to enable HDMI UHD deep color option on your TV for the HDMI output port (ARC).

Since there are tons of different TVs and manufactures out there, the best way to see if your TV can use 10-bit color on HDMI, is to read the TV's manual or call their support section.
How to update your Remote control
The remote control included with your LINK BAR can be updated, if a new version becomes available for your device.

There are two ways to find out if an update is available.
  • A notification on your Android TV screen will appear. When clicking on it with your remote, more information will pop up.
  • Manually check for an update, in case you have dismissed the notification, or the system does not show it.
Checking for update
To manually check for an update, please follow the instructions.
1. Go to "Settings" on your Android TV (ICON)
2. Find Connected Devices
3. Click on LINK BAR Remote
4. Under the Update firmware, if there is an update available, you will see it under the name.

The latest firmware version for your remote control is 1.27 (Changes to firmware numbers will change in the future).

5. Confirm the update for your remote control. The system ill download the files, and automatically start to update your remote.
5.1 NOTE: The battery needs to have more than 20% power left. If your remote is under 20%, you need to change the batteries, as this may break the remote control device.
6. When the update is ongoing, you must keep the remote control near the LINK BAR. This is because the remote is using Bluetooth to communicate with the system, and updating the device happen through Bluetooth connection. The update may take around 10 minutes or less.
7. When update is complete, this message "Remote is up to date," is visible, and you have the latest firmware.
Streaming and watching 4K Material
Our LINK BAR supports 4K material and contents these different ways.
  1. HDMI INPUT Supports 4K
  2. Chromecast streaming in 4K.
  3. 4K Material through the Android TV System.
You can watch your favorite 4K material in many different ways and enjoy!
I have connected my speaker using the Device Utility app, but the Google Home app cannot find the speaker. What should I do?
Close and restart the Google Home app, or restart your phone. Start the Google Home app again, and the speaker should now appear.
How to perform a software upgrade
You will see a notification in the recommendation option on your TV screen when there is an upgrade is available.

The system will download the firmware and apply the update after your confirmation.

You can also manually check for updates. Go to the settings menu and select “About” followed by “System Update.”
How to listen to your local Spotify Playlist
Playing local playlist that you created via Spotify works differently for Android TV system, which the LINK BAR has built-in!

Here is how to do it:
  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your TV screen (Use remote to navigate).
  2. Download the Spotify app
  3. Sign-in with your account.
  4. You can use the dedicated app and navigate through your playlist.
  5. Alternatively, you can now use voice commands such as "Ok Google, Play my Playlist Sunday Funday On Spotify"
Now you can enjoy Spotify using voice or the Remote Control.

*Some commands may not be available in all countries.
When trying to set up my speaker with the Google Home app, I get a message that says “Device needs to be activated before setup”. How do I proceed?
If you see this message, you must download the Device Utility app from the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions in the app to activate your speaker, and then return to the Google Home app to complete the setup.
The reason for the LEDs is orange
If your LINK BAR has 4 orange LED lights in the front, this means you have "muted" the microphone which is located on the top of the speaker.
To unmute the LINK BAR use the "switch" and the front LEDs will stop illuminating orange. Now you can use the hot-words to interact with the Google Assistant/Google Search (varies from country).

Privacy information:
We call our button the "PrivacySwitch" for the moments when you don't want the bar to listen for the hot words.
Google has high privacy rules, and one of them is not to share end-user data with any third-party apps.

The best way to clean your LINK BAR
To clean your LINK BAR, use a soft dry Microcloth to remove dust and dirt.
We wouldn't recommend using any alcohol as it may harm the product.
When using the Device Utility app to set up my speaker, my Wi-Fi network is not appearing in the list. How can I connect to my Wi-Fi network?
If the network does not appear, you can manually type in the network name (SSID) and password to connect.
Your Google data and privacy data
The Facts about your data and how Google uses them.

To improve their services:
Google uses the data to make their services faster, smarter, and more useful to you, such as providing better search results and timely traffic updates.
Data allows Google Assistant and their services to be more efficient and faster.
Google Assistant learns over time to provide better and more personalized feedback.
Yes, Google services are protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. Conversations within your LINK BAR is encrypted by default.

Your Search history:
Your search history on the LINK BAR will appear in your Google account's search history. Also, if you give the LINK BAR permission, it may access your data saved in other Google services such as Calendar and Gmail to answer questions you ask.

Conversations and questions:
Any conversation or search history is stored in the cloud via your Google account and saved until you choose to delete it in the Google Home app. The LINK BAR does not keep or store any data locally.

We hope that your concern about the Privacy data is answered.


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