JBL® Everest™ 100

JBL® Everest™ 100

Trådløse øretelefoner

Getting started with your JBL® Everest™ 100

Getting started with your JBL® Everest™ 100

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Product Specifications

Dynamic frequency response range
Driver sensitivity
96dB/1kHz, 1mW
Maximum SPL
Rated power input
Microphone sensitivity
Battery type
Polymer Li-ion Battery (3.7V, 50mAh x 2)
Music play time with BT on
up to 8 hours
Frequency Response
Weight (g)
Earbud dimension W x H x L (mm)
14.7 x 14.8 x 30.4
Mic housing dimension W x H x L (mm)
9.1 x 7.2 x 42.3

Ultimate Sound Unbound

JBL® Everest™ Elite 100 er legendarisk lyd i let design.Bluetooth 4.1-teknologien giver trådløse forbindelser, JBL Pro Audio Sound leverer en dynamisk lytteoplevelse, og de ergonomiske ørestykker sikrer en suveræn pasform og komfort i dine ører. Et genopladeligt batteri leverer 8 timers spilletid, mens den indbyggede mikrofon med ekko-reduktion giver mere naturlige stemmer i dine opkald. Nyd den ultimative lyd – uden begrænsninger.

Opret forbindelse til enhver Bluetooth-kompatibel enhed, og nyd den forbløffende lydkvalitet uden besværet med ledninger.
Få glæde af den samme forfinede oplevelse og forbløffende lyd, som JBL har leveret til koncertsale, lydstudier og stuer i næsten 70 år.
Disse øretelefoner er ergonomisk designet, så de passer til dine ørers unikke kontur. Du vil opleve en suveræn komfort, selv når du lytter i længere tid ad gangen.
Indbygget mikrofon med ekko-reduktion giver opkald med naturlige stemmer.

FAQs & How-Tos

20 results
  • The Elite headphones are equipped with an auto off capability to preserve battery life when not in use. The headphones will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity: meaning no audio or voice. In situations where the user would like to enjoy the benefits of the ANC technology only - when not listening to music or talking on the phone , we advise to turn off the Auto Off feature in the app to keep the headphone running continuously.
  • No, this is not possible. Siri is activated by pressing the play-button for some seconds. Since the play-button on the headphone doubles as on/off button, pressing and holding it will simply turn the headphone off.
  • The EVEREST models 100, 300 and 700 are all updated with the HID (Human Interface Device) tool, available in the download section for each model. This tool works with Windows computers only. The EVEREST ELITE models are updated with a USB tool available on the special Everest web page. This tool is available in both an Apple MAC OS version and a Windows version. This USB tool update is used for the first production run of ELITE models ONLY, and only once! All later production runs, and all updates after this first USB update, will take place wirelessly through the My JBL Headphone app, made for iOS and Android.
  • The app works with the Everest Elite models only.
  • Yes, ANC needs to be ON.
  • Each headphone is shipped with a micro USB charging cable. USB is the only way to charge the headphones, and all normal USB chargers may be used.
  • No, the tool will tell you to switch them ON when necessary.
  • It is not a bad idea to have the headphone charged before updating, but only if it is completely empty will there be any difference. To update via cable, a USB cable connection must be established between the headphone and the computer, and since the cable is also used for charging, there will be power to the headphone as long as it is connected to the computer. If the battery is depleted, it may be necessary to wait a little while, until a basic level of charging has been reached. Please note that the ELITE models with the most recent software permit wireless upgrade, directly from the control app on a smartphone. In this case, it is of course necessary to have power enough in the battery to sustain the whole upgrading process, since it takes place without cable.
  • Yes , all 5 models have voice prompts. The Elite models have the added option of turning off the voice prompts in the settings menu of the app. The Everest 300 and 700, as well as the successors 310 and 710, have the option of choosing between voice prompts and tone prompts. This is how you do it: Switch the headphones ON. Press and hold the Shareme and the Volume Plus buttons for about two seconds. Switch the headphones OFF. You will now hear the OFF prompt having changed to the prompt you did not use before, and you will hear this one until you change it again.
  • Switch the headphone ON, then press both volume buttons (VOL + and VOL-) at the same time, and hold them for 5-6 seconds. The headphones are now reset to factory default.
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