How to connect your headphones to the Google Assistant for Android devices

How to connect your headphones to the Google Assistant for Android devices

If not pre-installed on your Android device, visit your App store to download the ‘Google Assistant’ App.

After you have paired your JBL headphones to your device via Bluetooth, you should receive a pop-up notification (pictured below). Please tap the notification on your device to start the Google Assistant setup. You will now be directed to the Google Assistant App.

Step 1

  Set up Google Assistant #5.png
Follow the steps to connect and pair “JBL XXXX-LE” (depends on your model) with your devices.
Once set up is complete, you will see the below screen:

Step 2

Set up Google Assistant #2.png

PLEASE NOTE: In order to verbally interact with your Google Assistant via the headphone you must turn on the ‘Spoken Notifications’ in the Google Assistant App. This can be found under: Assistant Devices > Notifications. Alternatively, your JBL headphones can be added to the Google Assistant App manually by adding them as a Bluetooth device if this was not done when first paired. Google Assistant must be selected as your chosen voice assistant in the settings of the My JBL Headphones App also.
Set up Google Assistant #3.png
Set up Google Assistant #4.png

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