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Weight (lb)
Amplifier Power
Power Consumption
Weight (kg)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Frequency Response
80Hz – 20kHz
Satellite Height (mm)
Satellite Width (mm)
Satellite Width (in)
Satellite Depth (in)
Satellite Height (in)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance
250mV for rated power / >5k Ohms
Satellite Depth (mm)
Satellite Depth (mm)

The JBL® Duet™ multimedia system provides smooth and accurate sound for any portable music player or computer. With its incredibly easy setup and use, the Duet system is a sophisticated approach to achieving great two-channel sound. It uses JBL Tangential Strain Relief ™ transducer technology to deliver extra bass and lower distortion as a result of controlled linear excursion of the speaker. The neodymium magnet creates more power and sensitivity. The Duet system also utilizes proprietary JBL Adverse Pressure Gradient ™ port design, which greatly enhances the bass performance.

The JBL® Duet™ multimedia speaker system weighs just 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms). Each speaker is only 7-1/4 inches (185 millimeters) tall, 4 inches (100 millimeters) wide and 5 inches (125 millimeters) deep. But they produce superior two-channel sound you’d expect from speakers many, many times their size.
The JBL® Duet™ multimedia speakers’ 1/8-inch (3.5-millimeter) stereo mini-jack connects the system to digital music players, desktop and laptop computers (all platforms), stereos and portable listening devices, you name it. It’s straightforward connectivity with minimal desktop wiring.
Distortion is the enemy of great sound. But the JBL® Duet™ multimedia speakers are a modestly-sized multimedia system you can really push. JBL Phoenix Tangential Strain Relief™ transducer technology delivers extra bass with lower distortion as a result of controlled linear excursion of the speaker.
The JBL® Duet™ multimedia speaker system uses the proprietary JBL Adverse Pressure Gradient™ port design, which greatly enhances the bass performance. It makes for a clean, gradual change from high pressure to low pressure and eliminates a kind of distortion the engineers call "whacking."
No need to be a rocket scientist with the JBL® Duet™ multimedia speaker system. Create the connection to your music sources with a simple 1/8-inch (3.5-millimeter) mini-jack. A touch increases or decreases the volume, or mutes or unmutes the system. The system even remembers your last volume setting.

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