Synchros S100a

Synchros S100a

Ensiluokkaiset in-ear-tyypin stereokuulokkeet

Sold from 2013 until now

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Product Specifications

In-Ear Headphones
Rated Input Power
Frequency Response
10Hz – 22kHz
Maximum SPL
106dB @ 5mW
3.5mm jack
Advanced 9 mm driver

Comfortable – adaptable – powerful

Erittäin kevyt muotoilu – tehokas ääni Uusi JBL Synchros S100 tarjoaa ensiluokkaisen äänen modernissa ulkomuodossa. Tarkoin suunnitellut painevaletut alumiiniset kapselit, joissa on metallisomisteet saavat ne erottumaan tavanomaisista kuulokkeista. Kulmatyyppiset korvanapit ja sotkeutumaton kaapeli mahdollistavat miellyttävän käyttökokemuksen monen tunnin kuuntelua varten. S100 on suunniteltu maailman parhaimpien klubien käyttämien JBL-äänijärjestelmien mukaan, ja se tarjoaa tasapainoisen kuuntelukokemuksen ensiluokkaisella selkeydellä ja syvällä tehokkaalla bassolla. Saatavilla 2 värissä, Onyx ja Glacier, ja 2 kokoonpanossa: Applen 3-painikkeinen kauko-ohjainkaapeli tai yleiskäyttöinen 3-painikkeinen kauko-ohjainkaapeli. Oli kokoonpano mikä tahansa, Synchros S100 tarjoaa ainutkertaisen kuunteluelämyksen.

We meant it at JBL when we said we’d build a revolutionary line of in-ear headphones. For those who know authentic elegance when they see it, and hear it – meet our new JBL S100 Headphones. Its die-cast precision and aluminum housing create headphones that are both lightweight and durable. Its angled ear tips and included ear tips make for house of quality listening. For the fearless music-lover within us all, the JBL 100 demands seeing - as much as hearing – to be believed. Score another instant JBL classic.
It’s no trade secret we’ve created the world’s most legendary loudspeakers. Artists from the Beatles to Maroon 5 have used JBL equipment to create some of their most historic recordings. So it should come as no surprise we’ve taken Pro-Audio sound to new highs – and depths – of power and portability in our Synchros Series. Introducing JBL Professional Audio Sound with PureBass performance. One listen to our S100 – and the phrase “clarity of sound” will never sound the same.
When it comes to in-ear listening, adaptability and comfort often get the boot in favor of a cheaper design… but not so at our company. The S100 In-Ear is no exception to the JBL law of “Make It Perfect”: three sizes of angled ear tips (S, M, or L) ensure your ears find their ideal fit. Meanwhile, advanced Comply™ foam tips give you premium sound isolation and an all-around superior audio performance.
On-the-go compatibility with either an Apple, universal, or straight cable remote control isn’t just a nicety these days in a headphone – it’s what you need. The JBL S100 is built with that principle in mind, coming in three possible configurations: an Apple 3-button mic/remote cable, a universal 3-button mic/remote cable, or a straight cable, keeping your listening fun and flexible. Each option adapts easily with your S100, giving you the freedom to adjust your track-list, control the volume of whatever’s playing, and switch functionality between hearing music and taking calls.
Whatever configuration your S100 flat cable comes in, it’s custom-designed to be tangle resistant.
Comply™ foam tips offer a higher level of sound isolation for an improved audio performance.
Your S100 A comes eith an universal 3-button remote cable or straight cable configuration.

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