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  • The head tracking will only work when connected via the wireless USB (A or C) dongle. The reason for this is that the head tracking technology uses a lot of processing power and a low latency connection.

  • When connected to a device using the Wireless USB (A or C) dongle the head tracking feature (JBL QuantumSPATIAL 360) will work. To enable JBL Quantum 360SPHERE and spatial calibration the JBL Quantum Engine is required.

  • There is no plan for adding JBL Connect support for Playlist speaker. But you can group any speaker together that support Chromecast built-in for multi-room experience.
  • No, it will not change the TruNote autocalibration results. TruNote equalizes the acoustics of the headphones to the specific fit to your head As is the case with any supplemental equalization setting, it will change how the audio sounds to the user
  • The JBL Wireless Microphone set allows 2 x wireless microphones* to be connected to any Partybox model ** through the use of a dongle connected to the Mic input. Additionally, a 3rd wired microphone - like the JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone, can also be connected to the switchable Guitar/Mic 2 input (only available on some Partybox models). This will also work when using the non-switchable Guitar input on other Partybox models - however, this will bypass the karaoke effects including echo for the connected microphone and would generally have a slightly different sound character/timbre to a microphone connected to the Microphone input.

    *This includes the Partybox On-The-Go, a maximum of 2 wireless microphones can be connected and used simultaneously. The standard bundled Partybox On-The-Go microphone can only be connected to the Partybox On-The-Go that it came bundled with, it also cannot connect wirelessly to any other Partybox models or portable speakers other than the Partybox On-The-Go that it came bundled with. Only one standard, bundled Partybox On-The-Go wireless microphone can be connected at a time, unless the JBL Wireless Microphone is purchased (sold separately), a spare part will only work as a replacement, not simultaneously.

    PartyBox ModelMic ArrangementPorts UsedMAX
    ** Encore1 Wireless (pre-paired, included) OR 2 Wireless (sold separately, second microphone needs to be manually paired as described in Owner's Manual)N/A - Wireless (pre-paired, no Wired Microphone port)2
    100/110/Encore Essential1 Wired OR 2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)Mic Port2
    2001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)Mic Port2
    3001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)Mic Port2
    310/310 MC*/710/Ultimate1 Wired AND 2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)Mic Port AND Mic/Guitar Port3
    10001 Wired OR 2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)Mic Port2
    On-The-Go/On-The-Go Essential1 Wired AND 1 Wireless (pre-paired, included)

    2 Wireless (Wireless Microphone Set must be used, sold separately)
    Mic Port AND N/A - Wireless (pre-paired)
    Mic Port (pre-paired microphone will not work simultaneously when dongle used)
    * Partybox 310 MC - is a standard Partybox 310, which comes bundled with 1 x Wired Microphone (PBM100).
  •  All JBL Quantum headset models work only through 3.5mm audio jack (aux) connected to the Xbox controller. You cannot connect to any Xbox Series console via Bluetooth. 

    Please note: JBL QuantumENGINE is only available on PC.
  • XTREME 3
    Software Update Release Notes
    Software Version:  V0.2.1.6
    Version (iOS):  V5.6.6
    Version (Android):  V5.6.6
    Release Date:  August 2, 2022
    Release Media:  OTA (over the air) via JBL Portable App

    What’s New
    1. Fixed audio drop with iOS 15.1 or later in PartyBoost mode
    2. Fixed the PartyBoost connection issue
    3. Other bug fixes and performance improvements
  • The LINK BAR is always ON, and you can ask the LINK BAR questions whether your TV is ON or OFF.
    You can easily play music as well, there are no limits!
  • The Facts about your data and how Google uses them.

    To improve their services:
    Google uses the data to make their services faster, smarter, and more useful to you, such as providing better search results and timely traffic updates.
    Data allows Google Assistant and their services to be more efficient and faster.
    Google Assistant learns over time to provide better and more personalized feedback.
    Yes, Google services are protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. Conversations within your LINK BAR is encrypted by default.

    Your Search history:
    Your search history on the LINK BAR will appear in your Google account's search history. Also, if you give the LINK BAR permission, it may access your data saved in other Google services such as Calendar and Gmail to answer questions you ask.

    Conversations and questions:
    Any conversation or search history is stored in the cloud via your Google account and saved until you choose to delete it in the Google Home app. The LINK BAR does not keep or store any data locally.

    We hope that your concern about the Privacy data is answered.


  • You can easily charge your device while streaming via the additional connector in the dongle.

    Connect the charging cable and keep recording. Please note that charging through the dongle does not work in case your phone is completely out of power. In that case connect the charging cable to the phone first to wake it up. When the phone has been turned on, you can connect the dongle again and continue charging that way.

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