Quiksilver On-Ear Headphones

Quiksilver On-Ear Headphones

High-output on-ear headphones

Getting started with your Quiksilver On-Ear Headphones

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Product Specifications

Frequency Response
16Hz - 24kHz
Maximum Input Power
115dB SPL/V (2.83V/1m)
Input Impedance
32 ohms
Weight (g)
Weight (oz)
Hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
Bi-wiring, 99.99% oxygen-free cable, 8.2ft (2.5m)

Quiksilver® JBL® on-ear headphones combine the performance of full-size headphones with the convenience of a 3D-Axis2 mechanism that folds flat to fit easily in a pocket or backpack. A closed-back design provides optimum isolation from ambient noise, so you can hear quiet musical passages in even the noisiest environments. Built in the rugged JBL professional tradition, and offering a choice of exclusive color combinations, Quiksilver JBL on-ear headphones are designed to withstand the heaviest use. Their high SPL (sound pressure level) capability ensures excellent sound quality, and their comfort level is as impressive as their accurate imaging and powerful bass response.

Quiksilver JBL® on-ear headphones feature an ingenious 3D-Axis2 mechanism that folds flat for unequalled portability – and a virtually infinite number of listening positions. Flip them up, fold them down, do whatever makes you the most comfortable.
Realistic music reproduction demands clean, undistorted bass response. Quiksilver JBL® on-ear headphones perform brilliantly at any listening level, delivering accurate, high-output sound with outstanding frequency response. Available in two exclusive new color combinations, Quiksilver JBL on-ear headphones are an ideal upgrade for virtually any portable device, including iPhone and iPad. The JBL professional tradition isn’t limited to studio monitors – Quiksilver JBL on-ear headphones let you take it with you anywhere.
Music professionals judge headphones by their performance, but after a long day in the studio, many will tell you that comfort becomes a paramount concern. Quiksilver JBL® on-ear headphones feature flexible headbands and padded on-ear cups to minimize ear fatigue on marathon commutes and even the longest airplane flights.
We can’t guarantee that JBL® loudspeaker systems are in every theater and concert hall you’ve ever been to. We can’t say for certain that your favorite music and movies were recorded, mixed and mastered with our studio equipment. All we can say is, we’ve been setting the standards of audio realism for more than 60 years, and the world’s best-selling musicians, leading record labels and major movie studios trust us with their reputations and livelihoods on a daily basis. But you don’t have to be a rock star or audio professional to enjoy rich, full-spectrum JBL sound. We’re here for you, too – with great-sounding products for your home, car and desktop. And rest assured, our innovative consumer systems incorporate many of the advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques originally developed for our professional systems. If music is important to you, you should hear it the way it was meant to be heard, whenever and wherever you listen.

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