JBL®  Everest™ 300 - Pink - On-ear Wireless Headphones - Hero JBL®  Everest™ 300 - Pink - On-ear Wireless Headphones - Detailshot 1 JBL®  Everest™ 300 - Pink - On-ear Wireless Headphones - Detailshot 2
JBL®  Everest™ 300 - Pink - On-ear Wireless Headphones - Hero
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JBL® Everest™ 300

JBL® Everest™ 300 er legendarisk lyd - sat fri for kabler. Bluetooth 4.1-teknologien giver trådløse forbindelser, JBL Pro Audio Sound leverer en dynamisk lytteoplevelse, og de skulpterede ørepuder sikrer en suveræn pasform og komfort på dine ører. Et genopladeligt batteri leverer 20 timers spilletid, og med ShareMe 2.0 kan du trådløst dele musik, videoer og spil: Nu kan du danse alene eller med en partner – helt uden begrænsninger. Den indbyggede mikrofon giver nem adgang til opkald.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Sensitivity 100dB/1kHz, 1mW
Frequency Response 10-22kHz
Driver 40mm

Audio Specifications

Sensitivity 100dB/1kHz, 1mW
Frequency Response 10-22kHz

Dimension Specifications

Weight (g) 245

Speaker Specifications

Driver 40mm
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads


What’s in the Box

  • 1 par JBL EVEREST™ 300-hovedtelefoner
  • 1 stk. Micro USB-opladningskabel
  • 1 stk. lydkabel med 3,5 mm jackstik
  • 1 stk. lynguide
  • 1 stk. garanti- og sikkerhedsbemærkninger
  • Aha Radio informationsark
JBL®  Everest™ 300 - What's in the Box

FAQs & How-Tos

Can the ear pads of Everest 300 be replaced by owner?
The Everest 300 ear pads can be replaced by owner, but it is not easy, and removing the old pads may damage them. So, it is not a bad idea to have new pads at hand before removing the old ones. Since they are glued in place with double-adhesive tape, it is necessary to rip them off with care. After removing the old ones, clean off any residue of the double-adhesive tape that held them in place from the headphone pods. Then remove the protective layer on the new pads, exposing the adhesive. Carefully align the new pad before pressing the edge. This is to prevent the glue from sticking before you get the pad into the right position. When the pad sits correctly, you can press the edge all the way round to make the adhesive stick securely.
Where is the serial number?
On the BT and ELITE NXT series over-ear and on-ear models, the serial number sticker is on the inside of the headband left side, visible when the size adjustment is pulled all the way out. Serial numbers are also shown on the boxes. On ELITE 100 in-ear, it is on the box only.
How do I use the ShareMe option on my Headphones?
The ShareMe button is marked with an S in a circle, and must be clicked briefly. Do not keep the button pressed. Step 4 may go wrong if not done correctly. Please make sure that you have the second Everest 300 turned off. Now press AND HOLD the on/off button for about 15 seconds. The LED must switch to white/red blinking to indicate that it is actually in BT pairing mode. Now simply wait until the two headphones have communicated with each other, and established the BT connection. The white led below the S buttons will light constantly on both headphones when the ShareMe connection is ready. Now you just begin music play on the source, and both headphones will play.
Auto off: How does it work
The Elite headphones are equipped with an auto off capability to preserve battery life when not in use. The headphones will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity: meaning no audio or voice. In situations where the user would like to enjoy the benefits of the ANC technology only - when not listening to music or talking on the phone , we advise to turn off the Auto Off feature in the app to keep the headphone running continuously.
What is Adjustable Ambient Aware?
We use the microphones on the outside of the earcup to pick up the outside ambient noise and play through the headphone. With the unique JBL solution, the user can adjust the level of the ambient noise up or down, and the balance from left to right, so that they are in full control of how loud the ambient sound is in each earcup.
Do the Everest and Everest Elite headphones support AAC or aptX?
Sorry, neither AAC nor aptX are supported.
Does Trunote work only when ANC is ON?
Yes, ANC needs to be ON.
Do the Everest headphones have to be powered on before you connect them to the computer?
No, the tool will tell you to switch them ON when necessary.
There is a small, oval dot on the inside of one of the ear cups. Is this used for anything?
This is the charging indicator LED. I lights up red when the headphone is charging, and goes dark when charging is complete, or if no charging takes place.
Do the normal BT models have voice prompt, or can it be changed?
Yes , all 5 models have voice prompts. The Elite models have the added option of turning off the voice prompts in the settings menu of the app. The Everest 300 and 700, as well as the successors 310 and 710, have the option of choosing between voice prompts and tone prompts. This is how you do it: Switch the headphones ON. Press and hold the Shareme and the Volume Plus buttons for about two seconds. Switch the headphones OFF. You will now hear the OFF prompt having changed to the prompt you did not use before, and you will hear this one until you change it again.
Will the setting of the EQ influence the TruNote calibration results?
No, it will not change the TruNote autocalibration results. TruNote equalizes the acoustics of the headphones to the specific fit to your head As is the case with any supplemental equalization setting, it will change how the audio sounds to the user
Can I use both Windows and Apple computers to update my Everest headphones?
The EVEREST models 100, 300 and 700 are all updated with the HID (Human Interface Device) tool, available in the download section for each model. This tool works with Windows computers only. The EVEREST ELITE models are updated with a USB tool available on the special Everest web page. This tool is available in both an Apple MAC OS version and a Windows version. This USB tool update is used for the first production run of ELITE models ONLY, and only once! All later production runs, and all updates after this first USB update, will take place wirelessly through the My JBL Headphone app, made for iOS and Android.
Why is the sound from the ELITE models different with NC activated?
In the ANC on mode, we take advantage of advanced signal processing to finely tune, and personalize the audio performance. In passive and in ANC off mode, that signal processing is not running, so you may hear a difference in audio performance
Does the App work with all of the Everest headphones?
The app works with the Everest Elite models only.
How long is the audio cable that is included with the headphone?
The cable is approximately 125 cm long.
Can the carrying case from the Elite 300 and 700 be used for the Everest 300BT and 700BT?
Yes, the two model 300 versions are of identical size, and so are the two model 700 versions. The carrying cases can be purchased as spare parts.
How do I reset my Everest or Everest Elite headphone to pair with another Bluetooth source?
With the headphone in OFF state, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds for the Everest, 16 seconds for the Everest ELITE models. (ELITE changes to 7 seconds as well from software 0.5.6). Bluetooth memory is now erased, and new pairings can be made. An ELITE headphone permits pairing with one source device at a time. If you do not want to do a complete reset as described above, you can use the following method. Without reset, ELITE will try to re-pair with the last source when switched ON. If the last source is not detected, maybe because you want to use another source device, switch the ELITE off and on again, and make sure that the last source device you used is no longer switched ON. This way the ELITE will not be able to "see" the old source, and it will search for a new one. Now the ELITE will again search for the last paired source, and since it cannot find it after some seconds, it will switch back to be open for pairing with a new source. The LED will blink red/blue as an indication of this. The Everest BT models permit pairing with two source devices simultaneously. If you have used both source pairings, and want to pair to a third source, please perform the reset as described above (hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds with the Everest OFF). Now you can again pair two source devices.
Do the Everest headphones need to be fully charged before attempting the update?
It is not a bad idea to have the headphone charged before updating, but only if it is completely empty will there be any difference. To update via cable, a USB cable connection must be established between the headphone and the computer, and since the cable is also used for charging, there will be power to the headphone as long as it is connected to the computer. If the battery is depleted, it may be necessary to wait a little while, until a basic level of charging has been reached. Please note that the ELITE models with the most recent software permit wireless upgrade, directly from the control app on a smartphone. In this case, it is of course necessary to have power enough in the battery to sustain the whole upgrading process, since it takes place without cable.
I have a delay of sound with video material. Why is that?
During the design phase, it was decided to optimize BT reception, which is achieved by buffering digital signal streams. Since this takes a little bit of time, a slight delay will be the result. We have now optimized the software, so the lip-sync problem is no longer an issue. Video materials can now be watched with proper audio timing. Please check the product support page "downloads" tab for your headphone to check for the update files. If you experience delay, even after performing the update, please be aware that delays can occur for several reasons. For instance, the Bluetooth transmitter in a TV set can introduce delay. Also, some TV sets can cause timing changes if certain image processes are used. Try to disengage image processing, and check if lip-sync adjustment is available in your TV. With YouTube or other streaming services: In cases of lip-sync issues, it may also be a good idea to carry out a refresh of the source website. Always try more than one streaming source to determine if the delay comes from the streaming service or from you connection.
What material are the ear cushions made of?
The ear cushions are made of protein leather.
Do I need to charge from a certain kind of charger, or can I use all USB sockets?
Each headphone is shipped with a micro USB charging cable. USB is the only way to charge the headphones, and all normal USB chargers may be used.
How can the headphones be restored to factory default?
Switch the headphone ON, then press both volume buttons (VOL + and VOL-) at the same time, and hold them for 5-6 seconds. The headphones are now reset to factory default.
Why can’t I hang up the call by pressing MFB button?
Please check your OS version. If you are using an iPhone with OS version of 8.3 or lower , please upgrade your system to the latest version.
What is the difference between EVEREST 100, 300 and 700 models?
100 is in-ear, 300 is on-ear, 700 is over-ear.
How does ShareMe work?
For models E40BT and E50BT Connect the first headphone by BT to your mobile device Tap the ShareMe button once Tap the ShareMe button on the 2nd headphones twice ( ! ) The headphones will connect to each other. When changing volume on source device, or BT connected headphones, the volume will only change on THAT headphone ( and in some cases the source device, like iOS devices and newer Android ), not on the one connected via ShareMe. When changing volume on a via-ShareMe-connected headphone ( 2nd ), it will not change volume on source device, or on the BT-connected headphone. To sum up, both headphones have their individual volumes. For Everest models ( not ELITE ). Connect the headphones by BT to your mobile device Put the 2nd device ( speaker, headphones as long as they have Bluetooth ) in "BT discovery mode" Press the ShareMe button on the Everest headphone ( button marked with a little "s" ) The Everest will connect to BT device. (Please note that you may not be able to pair from the Everest to the Everest Elite models, or if you can pair, you may have dropouts in sound). When changing volume on source device, or Everest, the volume will only change on the Everest ( and in some cases the source device, like iOS devices and newer Android ), not on the device connected via ShareMe. When changing volume on via-ShareMe-connected BT device ( 2nd ), it will not change volume on source device or Everest. Please note that it is NOT possible to use ShareMe if you are listening to analog signal via cable. Bot the E-series and the Everest models will switch off the Bluetooth circuits as soon as you insert the audio cable, so re-transmission is not possible.
How do I see that battery is low?
The charging LED on the headset will flash red when the battery is low. For the ELITE models, a more accurate indication of remaining battery time can be seen on the fuel gauge in the app.

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