ErgoSport Armband Iphone 5

ErgoSport Armband Iphone 5

Justerbart armbånd med Radiant Reflect-teknologi og nem betjening af enheder.

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Available Colors
Black, Aqua

Arm Yourself with Motivation

Arm yourself with motivation with yurbuds® ErgoSport Armband. This adjustable armband is made with soft neoprene material for a secure, comfortable fit, while RadiantReflect technology offers the ultimate in visibility. A touch-sensing cover allows you to control your phone on the move. Put it on and hit the road. Available Compatibility: Universal Smartphone & iPhone® 5

A soft, neoprene band provides a secure and comfortable fit for any arm size.
Stylish by day with double the safety at night - RadiantReflect is a reflective technology that provides ultimate visibility in the dark.
Simplicity is core to yurbuds product design, and is imperative when trying to use your smartphone or mp3 player. Our screen cover provides a seemless connection between you and your device.
Lined with an anti-bacterial coating, all yurbuds armbands are germ resistant.

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