Studio 130

Studio 130

240-watt, two-way, 4" bookshelf loudspeakers

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Studio 1 Series
2-way bookshelf
Grille Color
Power Handling (Recommended)
60 watts
(2.83V@1m) 87dB
Crossover Frequencies
3kHz, 12dB/octave
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Power Handling (Peak)
240 watts
Frequency Response
(-3dB) 60Hz – 22kHz
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
Height (in)
Weight (kg)
Width (in)
Depth (mm)
Depth (in)
Height (mm)
Weight (lb)
Width (mm)
High-Frequncy Transducer
1" CMMD Lite dome, magnetically shielded, in a Bi-Radial constant directivity waveguide
Low-Frequency Transducer
4" (100mm) PolyPlas cone, magnetically shielded

Hear sounds as never before.

JBL® Studio 130 loudspeakers let you hear voices and sounds that you might never have realized were there. Most likely these elements were missing because of loudspeakers that produced out-of-range, garbled or distorted sound. The JBL Studio 130 loudspeakers correct this problem by creating a fullness of sound with articulate clarity among all the voices and instruments, letting them combine in your ears rather than crash or bleed into each other before they even get there. The Studio 130’s is exceptional performance is made possible with PolyPlas™ cones on the low-frequency woofer and a CMMD® Lite dome on the high-frequency tweeter. These drivers virtually eliminate unwanted resonances, while precise cone movement ensure clean sound. And we’ve housed the Studio 130 inside a cabinet design that looks as alluring as it sounds. Featuring the signature JBL Weave design, the Studio 130 loudspeaker can stand out or blend in. It’s your choice.

JBL engineers designed the Studio 130 bookshelf loudspeaker to deliver enhanced, room-filling sound from a compatible AVR (audio/video receiver) or 25- to 240-watt power amplifier, whether you are using the Studio 130 as a stand-alone unit or as part of a surround-sound system.
Powerful bass does more than affect your ears. It resonates through your entire body, creating a soundscape that you can feel as well as hear. JBL engineers created the Studio 130’s dual 4-inch (100-millimeter) low-frequency cones with that consideration in mind. Designed to work in tandem to provide a greater level of sound volume, the pair of lightweight, inherently stiff PolyPlas™ woofers deliver precise movement and astonishing sound that is deep but never “boomy.”
The CMMD® high-frequency tweeter starts as an aluminum dome that is sandwiched on either side with ceramic. The result is strong enough to hold its shape when moving rapidly yet light enough to eliminate unwanted resonances. What your ears notice, however, is subtle, clear detail and lasting, unsullied sound performance.
The Studio 130’s Bi-Radial® waveguide disperses high frequencies widely throughout a room without loss of quality or accuracy. The result is precise 360-degree imaging, sharp and rich high-definition (HD) sound and a wide listening position that makes every seat in the room the one to fight for.
Loudspeakers use magnets. Your TV hates magnets. But that doesn’t mean that you have to listen to movies on your television set’s often inadequate loudspeaker. Nor should you compromise your HDTV’s high-definition capabilities. JBL engineers have designed the Studio 130s to form an integral part of any home theater experience. We have optimized them for inspired performance while making them magnetically shielded to prevent any interference with video sources.
The JBL Weave design is a perfect convergence of form and function. Whether you need your JBL Studio 130 loudspeakers to blend in or stand out, we’ve designed them to look sharp and stylish in any room.

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