Premium in-ear headphones with microphone

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In-ear style
Input Impedance
Maximum Range
10Hz – 24kHz
Flat elastomer cable: 4' 3-3/16" (1.3M)
Plug: 1/8" (3.5mm) gold plated
23/64" (9.2mm)

High sensitivity, extended frequency response and pure bass.

For over 60 years, JBL® engineers have crafted the precise, naturally articulated sound found in cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world. That legendary JBL sound is now available anywhere personal audio travels – with a look all its own. JBL J33a in-ear headphones employ premium, nickel-coated transducers that generate smooth high-frequency response and pure bass that is deep, powerful and accurate, so you hear the truth from your favorite music. Metal strain-relief anchors built into the rear housings improve durability and reduce resonances that can compromise sound quality. Three pairs of silicone sleeves (small, medium and large) are included for optimal comfort and passive noise reduction. A pair of moldable Comply™ foam tips are also included. Flat elastomer cables resist tangling, and a one-button mic/remote lets you take calls from your Android™ device without taking the headphones off. An extension ring on the jack accommodates most smartphone covers, and a hard-form carry pouch is included to protect the headphones and keep the extra silicone sleeves from getting lost. Available in white or black, JBL J33a headphones feature bold styling elements such as spotlighted metal-alloy housing rims and embossed, metallic JBL logos. Premium sound meets premium finishing.

Headphones, like the music they deliver, are an extension of your personal style. With metal-alloy housing rims and strain-relief anchors, matte black or white housings and embossed, metallic JBL logos, these headphones let you listen with style.
J33a drivers deliver precise, powerful sound for an exceptional listening experience. A special nickel coating extends high-frequency response. Bass is pure, deep and accurate – the calling card of legendary JBL sound. This pure bass enables J33a headphones to outperform competitors’ products.
Made for use with Android devices, the in-line remote offers standard playback functions. A built-in microphone lets you answer calls while leaving the headphones on.
Ears come in all shapes and sizes. So we include three pairs of silicone sleeves: small, medium and large. An optimal fit not only increases comfort, it also reduces ambient noise in the ear canal.
Comply tips are a one-size-fits-all option to silicone sleeves. They offer a comfortable fit and noise reduction. A pair of the moldable foam tips is included with the headphones.
Tangled cables are a constant source of frustration – unless you have J33a’s. Their flat elastomer cables resist tangling, and a rubber slider keeps the cables neatly organized.
J33a headphones feature metal strain-relief anchors built right into their metal rear housings. These rugged, integral anchors not only enhance long-term reliability, they also improve acoustic performance by reducing resonances that can be transmitted from the cables to your ears.
The gold-plated jack incorporates an extension ring that works with most custom smartphone covers and cases. So you don’t have to slip off your protective case to connect the headphones.
JBL sound is always worth protecting. An included hard-form carry pouch stores the extra silicone sleeves and keeps the headphones safe from bumps and bruises.

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