• Can JBL Soundgear be used with a TV or with video games?
    Yes, you can use your Soundgear for TV watching or playing video games. You can use the TV speakers and the Soundgear simultaneously, they will be synchronized in time.
    Can I connect my Soundgear with analog jack cable, or other cables?
    No, Soundgear is wireless Bluetooth only, and needs to be charged to play music. But the BTA 20 transmitter must of course be connected with a cable to the signal source.
    What is the difference between Soundgear and Soundgear BTA?
    The difference is the BTA unit, which is a Bluetooth transmitter. The Soundgear BTA comes with the BTA unit in the box. The Soundgear does not. The BTA can be connected (with a signal cable) to a TV set, a CD player, or any other stereo line-level source, and can then stream this signal to the Soundgear wirelessly, via Bluetooth. TV sound or game sound are possible, since the BTA and the Soundgear use aptX Low Latency, which reduces the audio delay to levels, where picture and sound will be closely synchronized. This is also the secret behind the option to connect two Soundgears to one BTA unit, for two people to share a TV transmission, or a video game. Actually, you can use the BTA to stream to most other Bluetooth headphones and loudspeakers, but only if these devices also support aptX LL will the delay be low enough for video use.
    Does the Soundgear support aptX?
    Yes, Soundgear supports aptX LL (Low Latency). (aptX is a way of packing more information into a compressed version of a signal).
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