• Is it possible to update my JBL SB150 by myself?
    If any update exist, then it is only possible to get it updated, via our authorized service center. The USB port on the back, is meant for service use only. Contact support for more information.
  • My JBL SB250 should turn on automatically when receiving an audio signal at either input, according to the owner's manual. However, this does not happen.
    We are sorry about this problem. EuP regulations require that electronics go into full off after some time. Unfortunately, this means that the soundbar cannot be woken up again after half an hour. It is necessary to use the ON/OFF switch.
    There is an upgrade socket on the back panel. How is this socket used, and which kind of cable must I buy to use it?
    Although the owner's manual states that owner can use this connector for home upgrade procedure, this is not so. The USB-connector used cannot be bought in commercially available cables, and the port must be considered for technician's use only.
  • How does Harman Volume work on JBL Cinema Base?
    Harman Volume on the Cinema Base has no levels, it's either on or off. It will remember the last setting when it's powered on. When you enable Harman Volume, you will hear audio feedback ( 4 tones going up when you turn it on, and 4 tones going down when you turn it off ) There is no visual indication that shows if it's on or off

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