JBL Cinema Base

JBL Cinema Base

Home cinema 2.2 all in one soundbase for television

Sold from 2014 until 2018

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Product Specifications

Dual 6" (150mm) polypropylene woofers
93 dB (2.83V/1m)
System Frequency Response
45Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Depth (mm)
600 mm
Speaker Width (mm)
102 mm
Speaker Weight (lb)
17.6 lb
Speaker Height (in)
Speaker Height (mm)
401.6 mm
Speaker Weight (kg)
8 kg
Speaker Depth (in)
Speaker Width (in)

Home theater sound now fits under your TV

Designed to complement your flat-screen TV. The JBL Cinema Base projects stunning virtual surround sound from a sleek, self-contained package. Its all in one table-top form is designed to fit neatly under most TVs up to 60”. It connects with a single cable to your TV using an HDMI™, optical or analog connection, and plays music wirelessly from Bluetooth® smartphones or tablets. 240 watts of power drive the built-in speakers, including the integrated, independently adjustable dual subwoofer. It features Harman Volume, which keeps sudden volume changes from disrupting the experience. It can learn any TV remote volume control, giving you simplified control over your cinema experience. In addition, a side USB port can charge your phone or tablet. The unique metallic speaker grille is both elegant and easy to clean.

Sleek and compact, the JBL Cinema Base complements the look of today’s razor-thin flat screens, while projecting a deep, rich, enveloping sound that’s unmatchable with a TV’s built-in speakers. Simply place your TV on top, connect and enjoy.
Wide, low, sleek, and supportive, the JBL Cinema Base nearly disappears under your TV.
Advanced acoustic design and dual subwoofers deliver better sound quality for music, movies and gaming.
For true plug-and-play home theater, HDMI ARC technology connects your compatible TV and the JBL Cinema Base with a single cable. It is also equipped with optical and analog audio inputs.
Harman Volume makes sure that the loudness stays smooth and consistent. You won’t have to constantly adjust for loud commercials and other fluctuations.
Harman Display Surround Virtual Sound and Dolby Digital decoding fill your room with movie sound and music, not speakers and wires.

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • Harman Volume on the Cinema Base has no levels, it's either on or off. It will remember the last setting when it's powered on. When you enable Harman Volume, you will hear audio feedback ( 4 tones going up when you turn it on, and 4 tones going down when you turn it off ) There is no visual indication that shows if it's on or off

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