Looking for an accessory?

Go no further! We sell the most common spare parts right here. Follow the links below.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Our Service Centre may have the accessory or even replacement part you are looking for.

Please contact your local service centre:

Unit 5A, Gate 2
Silver Royd Business Park
Silver Royd Hill
LS12 4QQ
United Kingdom
+44 113 279 1255
Open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT

We would suggest provide as much details as possible, including the following:

Your full name and contact details

Product and Model

If possible, the Serial number of your product.

The Serial number can be found on the original box and, depending on the product, can be located underneath the charging flap, on the extendable headbands of some headphones). The serial number should be in this format: AB1234-CD1234567

Please be aware that if the part that you are looking for requires disassembly of your product, the Service Partner may require you to send in your product for service/maintenance, and shipping and/or labour costs may be added to the purchase price of the part you require.