JBL Control X Wireless - Red - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Hero JBL Control X Wireless - Red - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Back JBL Control X Wireless - Red - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Detailshot 2
JBL Control X Wireless - Red - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Hero
  • JBL Control X Wireless - White - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Swatch Image
  • JBL Control X Wireless - Red - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Swatch Image
  • JBL Control X Wireless - Grey - 5.25” (133mm) Portable Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers - Swatch Image

JBL Control X Wireless

Đưa âm nhạc, phim, chương trình TV hoặc trò chơi yêu thích của bạn lên một tầm cao mới với loa JBL Control X Wireless đã giành giải thưởng. Cặp loa Bluetooth® di động này phát ra âm thanh nổi sống động mà không có bất kỳ dây hoặc cáp giữa mỗi loa. Những chiếc loa nhỏ gọn này được thiết kế để cung cấp năng lượng và hiệu suất tuyệt vời cho bất kỳ phòng nào trong nhà bạn. Và khi đến lúc tổ chức bữa tiệc bên ngoài, thiết kế chắc chắn được trang bị tốt để xử lý mọi sự kiện hay sự kiện. Nếu bạn yêu cầu âm trường rộng hơn, chỉ cần thêm một cặp loa Control X Wireless bổ sung (được bán riêng) để phát lại đồng thời trên tối đa 4 loa.

Thông số sản phẩm

General Specifications

Phủ sơn Màu khói/ Trắng/ Đỏ
Công suất định mưc 30W RMS (Chế độ AC sử dụng pin)
Tỉ số tín hiệu cực đại trên nhiễu >75 dB
Nguồn điện AC 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Loại pin Polyme lithium-ion (7.4V, 2600mAh)
Thời gian sạc pin 2.4 tiếng @ 0.5C
Thời gian phát nhạc Lên đến 4 giờ (có thể thay đổi tuỳ thuộc vào mức âm lượng và thông tin của tệp âm thanh)
Công suất phát Bluetooth® 0-4 dBm
Dải tần số của máy phát Bluetooth® 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Phạm vi truyền phát Bluetooth® Tối đa 10m (tính từ nguồn phát)
Phạm vị âm thanh của loa Lên đến 30m (giữa loa chính và loa phụ)
Kích thước 9-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 6-1/4" (235mm x 165mm x 159mm)

Audio Specifications

Tần số đáp ứng 62Hz - 20kHz (-6dB)

Dimension Specifications

Trọng lượng (kg) 2.95 kg
Trọng lượng (lb) 6,5 lbs

Speaker Specifications

Bộ chuyển đổi tần số thấp Loa tweeter 1" (25mm) CMMD® phiên bản Lite
Vui lòng tham khảo tài liệu để biết thông số kỹ thuật chuyên sâu

Tài liệu & Tải xuống

Có cái gì trong hộp vậy

  • 2 x loa JBL Control X Wireless
  • 2 x Dây điện
  • 2 x Giá cố định loa treo tường điều chỉnh được
  • Hướng dẫn sử dụng
  • Bảng chỉ dẫn an toàn
JBL Control X Wireless - What's in the Box

Câu hỏi thường gặp & How-Tos

Can i connect more than one Bluetooth device to my Control X wireless?
No, you can only have one activate device connected to the speaker. Please un-pair your current Bluetooth device, then connect with another device if needed.
The P and S speaker won't be associated successfully when pressing the association button twice on the primary speaker.
Make sure to press the association button once. If by mistake you pressed it more than once, there is a good chance that association does not take place. Wait until the association process is completed, which takes about 2 minutes, and repeat the process.
When using two pairs of speakers, what is the range between them?
When you have associated two pairs of speakers, the range between primary and secondary speakers (all 3 speakers), will be maximum 10 meters. The range will increase if you only use one pair of speakers (30 meters). We recommend placing the speakers on a high-level surface or shelf, for best possible connection.
Can I get a wall bracket for Control X Wireless?
Please note that although the Wireless version of Control X does have a threaded insert for brackets, JBL offers no brackets. The brackets for the Control X passive model cannot be used with the wireless version. Brackets for the wireless version must be custom made.
I have interference between my Control X Wireless, how come?
Our Control X Wireless speakers use Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network to connect them. If there are any obstacles or people blocking the connection, it can cause interference. We suggest positioning the speakers on a high-level surface or shelf, to avoid any interference.
When two pairs of JBL Control X Wireless are associated, how can I unlink them to two separate pairs, if I do not turn off the primary speaker first?
This is addressed in the owner's manual. After associating a group of four speakers, when deciding to go back to normal operation as two pairs, it is recommended to reset them to factory default settings, which requires associating speaker pairs again.
Can I use Bluetooth with my Control Xstream
Yes, that’s the best part about this speaker, there are so many options. Besides streaming over Wi-Fi, the JBL Control Xstream also offers a Bluetooth connection and an AUX input
Does my Control X wireless use Bluetooth connection between speakers?
No, the connection between our Control XT wireless speakers are established through Wi-Fi connection, running on 2.4 GHz network. The only time you will use Bluetooth, is when you connect to the primary speaker and start streaming music.
In Aux in mode, with low source volume output, the sound is cutting in and out, why?
The system features an automatic mute function that becomes active after 10 seconds of no signal activity. Since the output level varies greatly between different genres and recording levels, it is highly recommended to set your source volume levels above 4, or preferably at mid-level, then controlling the listening level using the volume control provided in the speaker system.
When Alarm goes on, the phone it is not playing on the JBL Control X
Alarm sound function in Bluetooth connectivity is not supported in iOS devices, however it is supported in Android devices.
My speakers react differently, when using either battery or AC power.
Our Control X Wireless speaker has two different patterns for switching on, when using either battery or AC power. When using battery, turning on one speaker in either stereo mode or association mode (4 speakers connected), all will turn on simultaneously, no matter which is primary or secondary. When connected to AC power, switch on the primary speaker in stereo or associated mode, and the secondary speakers will follow. If you have associated speakers stereo or 4 speakers connected, then you have to press primary speaker's power button for more than 2 seconds, then the primary will send signal to secondaries, and they will wake up. It takes approx. 30-60 seconds before all are switched on. If your press it too short (less than 2 seconds), the primary speaker will not "pair" the secondary speakers together. Switch off the primary and start over again.
Are the Control X Wireless all-weather speakers?
No. Although the Control X Wireless have a rugged exterior and are portable, they are not all-weather speakers. Any direct exposure to harsh weather condition (rain, snow, extreme hot/cold temperatures) will damage the speakers.
I have no sound output from the secondary speaker after moving them
When the secondary speaker gets out of range, audio disappears, but there is no indication that the transmission is out of range, other than silence. Once they get within range again, the front panel LED blinks a few times, indicating that connection has been re-established. During normal operation, random blinking can be experienced, which is an indication of the wireless link having recovered from interference.
Pressing Play/Pause button in short period of time is not resuming or pausing music right away
With some of the new mobile devices, pressing the Play/Pause button seems not to work, as devices require longer time to receive confirmation of the action. Please check on the JBL Control X wireless top panel LED indication that the command is received and acknowledged before pressing the Play/Pause command again. It can result in having to press the button two times quickly to activate the proper command before command acknowledgement times out.
Can I mix my speakers, connecting a black speaker with a red speaker?
Speakers are associated with each other from the factory. If one of them fails, and you get a replacement, then you will need to follow the association section in the owner's manual, so you can pair your new speaker with the one you have. We do not recommend doing this to mix differently colored speakers, only if one of them becomes defective.
Pressing the association button on secondary speaker causes no sound prompt output from secondary speaker
Only the primary speaker prompts the user when pressing the association button. This does not happen when the same is done on the secondary speaker. However, the front panel LED blinks quickly, indicating that association process is taking place. (This applies to primary and secondary speakers both.)
I have lesser range between speakers than what the Owner's manual states.
In the Owner's Manual, we say "Up to 30 m (between primary and secondary speakers)". This applies to an ideal setup, with no obstacles and interference, and if there is interference at this distance, you will have to reduce the distance between the speakers. Please check for any objects and obstacles that could cause interruptions.
Can I reset my Control X Wireless?
Yes, on the master speaker (the one with playback buttons), simply press the Reverse and Forward Play buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. Please note that after you have performed the reset procedure, master and secondary speakers are no longer connected. Go to the owner's manual page 4, the section "speaker association", to pair the secondary and master again.
I cannot find the power button on the secondary speaker
As shown in the owner's manual, the "X" on the secondary speaker's rubber band is the power button.
When reaching max volume on the source, I do not hear the max volume audio prompt on the JBL Control X Wireless
In Bluetooth, there may be a small difference between the telephone (source) and the JBL Control X wireless unit. This means that they are not using the same scale. In any case, the difference will remain within one audio step on the phone or speaker.
Front LED flashes sporadically while streaming audio
Random flashing is an indication that the wireless link between primary and associated speakers was lost and recovered. If this happens too often, it may be caused by interference in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, caused by overcrowding of the band. Sometimes it helps to change location of the speakers, or to shut down other 2.4 GHz devices.
I cannot get my Control X Wireless speaker to enter Bluetooth mode, or use analog input.
Look at the back of the primary speaker, which is the one with pause/play and volume controls. You will see a switch called "mode". This switch can be in either S or P position. S stands for Secondary, P stands for Primary. Switch to Primary, and your speaker will now open Bluetooth and will accept analog signals. (The Secondary position is used for systems where four speakers are in use, since only one speaker can act as primary speaker.)

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