3 Piece Subwoofer/Satellite System

Sold from 1990 until 1992

Successor Product: SOUNDEFFECTS MUSIC 1

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Product Specifications

Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS)
10 – 100 watts
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Subwoofer Transducer
8 inch high polymer laminate
Midrange Transducer
4.5 inch fiber cone
Frequency Response
40Hz – 18kHz
Crossover Frequency(ies)
125Hz, 3kHz
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)
$439.95 per system

Adding a single component dedicated to reproducing the lowest octave of music has long attracted speaker manufacturers. Teaming it with compact speakers provides a way to optimize each element's performance and minimize the visible portion of the system. It starts with 4-1/2 inch full-range satellites that handle power from 10 - 60 watts and continues with an 8 inch passive subwoofer rated from 10 - 100 watts. The system frequency response is 40Hz - 18kHz. This is the choice for bringing high fidelity home in style. 3-piece passive sat/sub system. Prior season's model.

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