Powerful, advanced multielement and component upgrades for any car audio system.

Verkocht vanaf 2010 tot 2014


Product Specificaties

Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS)
10 – 90 watts
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Midrange Transducer
6 .5 inch polypropylene
Frequency Response
80Hz – 5kHz
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
(2.83V/m) 92dB
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (mm)
Mounting Cutout Diameter (in)
Mounting Depth (in)
External Diameter (mm)
External Diameter Tweeter (mm)
Mounting Cutout Diameter (mm)
External Diameter Tweeter (in)
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (in)
Mounting Depth (mm)
External Diameter (in)
Power Handling, Peak
Power Handling, RMS

Upgraded 150-watt, dual-component speaker engineered to enhance today’s car audio systems.

Muscle to spare. Upgrading your speakers is an easy, painless way to add real muscle to any vehicle’s factory audio system, and the JBL® CS Series multielement and component speakers have muscle to spare. Available in all of the most popular sizes and configurations, including 6 inch x 9 inch oval, CS Series speakers are designed to fit neatly into almost any car interior and feature advanced materials and technologies that endow them with exceptional performance characteristics. If it’s bass you’re interested in, proprietary CS woofer cones deliver more it of than competing cones of the same size. If it’s heat you’re worried about, CS motor structures dissipate it more effectively than conventional motor assemblies, enabling CS systems to play loud and long in the performance-proven JBL tradition. With 4-ohm designs and peak power ratings of 90 to 210 watts, CS Series speakers can be safely driven by any factory head unit – but, thankfully, with utterly no resemblance to factory sound. JBL® CS Series at a glance: Complete line of multielement and component speakers Plus One® woofer cones with up to 30 percent more surface area than standard cones Titanium-laminate tweeters Vented motor assemblies Separate woofer and tweeter modules with external crossover (CS-6C and CS-5C only) Three-way design (CS-69 only)

The CS-6C 6-1/2-inch (165-millimeter) two-way speakers feature a continuous (RMS) power-handling rating of 50 watts and peak power handling of 150 watts.
The CS-6C’s Plus One woofer cone offers up to 30% more surface area than standard drivers, thereby increasing bass output and overall efficiency. You’ll get more sound for less power.
The 1-inch (25-millimeter), titanium-laminate tweeter in the CS-6C produces bright, distinctive high-frequency sound that rises above background road noise.
The CS-6C’s vented motor assemblies help dissipate heat effectively so that the unit can play loud without power compression.
For improved frequency response, the CS-6C features separate woofer and tweeter modules with an external crossover unit.

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