Reflect Aware C

Reflect Aware C

The World’s First Sport Headphone with Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Noise Control

2016 부터 현재까지 판매

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Dynamic Drivers (mm)
Frequency Response
Frequency Response
USB Type C Connector

Stay aware while staying active.

Get the most out of your exercises by filtering what gets in. The new JBL Reflect Aware C sport headphone delivers both best in class noise cancellation and the ability to mix in sound from your environment for greater awareness of your surroundings when you want it, making it the most versatile sport headphone on the market. Designed for sport with a unique reflective design, the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones feature legendary JBL sound, an universal 3-button remote/mic and an ergonomic fit design that keeps the earpieces in place regardless of the intensity of your workout routine. JBL Reflect Aware C headphones require no battery because they draw power and digital audio directly from a USB Type C connection. (Only compatible with HTC One M10.)

Shut out the outside world for a focused, distraction free workout or if you prefer, let a little in. The JBL Reflect Aware C headphones work without a bulky battery box for added ease of use.
Adjust the level of the environment noise to be aware of your surroundings no matter working out indoor or outdoor.
Eliminates the need for a bulky battery by delivering power and digital sound directly from a USB type C connection.
For over 60 years, JBL has engineered the precise, naturally articulated sound found in high-end cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world.
No need to dial back your exercise for fear of ruining these headphones, the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones are sweat proof, water resistant, and easy to clean.
Ear-tips designed to provide noise cancellation and ensure a secure fit.
Eye catching and tangle free, these unique designed cables help you stand out while you work out.

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