In-ear headphones designed for Oculus Rift with JBL Pure Bass sound

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6.8mm dynamic driver
101dB SPL @ 1kHz 1mW
Frequency response

A more immersive experience awaits

Whether you’re a RPG enthusiast, binge movie watcher or a live-stream events fanatic, thanks to the JBL Pure Bass sound, the JBL OR100 In-Ear Headphones make every VR experience epic. Lightweight and comfortable, the JBL OR100 are the first in-ear premium headphones specifically designed for the Oculus Rift and feature an easy, hassle-free connection. With perfectly sealing, customizable ear tips, they offer an even more realistic experience and hours of comfortable use, so escaping into your entertainment has never been more satisfying.

Enables fast, secure and hassle free connection to the Oculus Rift VR unit.
The legendary JBL sound as found in theaters, arenas and studios around the world immerses you even deeper into VR, enhancing the Oculus experience.
"Designed to provide perfect seal to your ears and block out the ambient noise, the JBL OR100 ear tips offer a truly immersive VR experience."
Weighing just 11 grams, they allow for hours and hours of comfortable escapism into any game or movie and come with a choice of 3 ear tip sizes.

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