Synchros S500

Synchros S500

JBL stereo over-ear headphones

Sold from 2013 until now

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Product Specifications

Powered over-ear stereo headphones
Driver Size
50 mm (2.0 in.)
Frequency response
10Hz – 22kHz
Maximum SPL
117dB @ 30mW
Rated Power input
3.5mm jack
Frequency Response
10Hz – 22kHz
Maximum SPL
117dB @ 30mW
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
3.5mm jack
Premium 50mm

Sound that’s meant to be seen in

Sound that’s meant to be seen in Introducing a powered headphone like none other on the market today. Precision-made in a lightweight, durable design, the JBL S500 ushers your senses into uncharted terrain when it comes to listening. Modeled after the same JBL sound systems used in the world’s most prestigious clubs, the S500 delivers a balanced audio experience with JBL Professional Audio sound and deep, powerful PureBass performance. Proprietary LiveStage™ signal processing technology enhances the acoustics to create a more lifelike listening experience, while a pair of AAA batteries empowers you to enjoy 20 hours of LiveStage technology straight without any skimping on sound quality. Available in Onyx and Glacier, these headphones are compatible with iOS and other smartphones. A powerful new design that’s built from real materials – and invested with revolutionary technology – the S500 has trendsetter written into its every last detail.

Headphones that offer uncompromising durability, while offering stylish comfort for the listener.
JBL’s LiveStage™ digital signal processing enhances headphone audio to recreate the experience of listening to a live performance.
Scientifically designed earcup acoustics and a premium 50mm driver are at the heart of JBL Professional Audio performance, bringing you all the raw power and clarity of pulsing bass - the kind you'd expect from the world leader in concert sound. The result speaks for itself: JBL clarity of sound no matter the frequency or volume, letting you enjoy the deepest-hitting drums without sacrificing even a hint of sound quality.
Allowing for 20 full hours of on-the-go precision listening with JBL LiveStage technology.
Detachable cable design with an iOS 3-button remote/microphone cable and a universal 3-button remote/microphone cable included, giving you the flexibility you need for on-the-go listening.
The Synchros S500 comes in a two color schemes as dynamic and bold as your own taste in music.

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • The Synchros Chrome is actually the Synchros S500 in chrome-plated version. On the right ear cup, you will find two ridges. These are there to make it possible to remove the disc that covers the batteries. You just position your fingernails against the ridges, to turn the disc counter-clockwise, against a small notch resistance. The Chrome is not painted, but plated. This means that the material is now thicker, and the lid can be rather difficult to remove, because the locking notches are squeezed into position. There is no other way than to put pressure on the ridges, press downward and in a counter-clockwise direction at the same time, and press until the notches, or claws, finally let go, and the lid rotates into open position, when it will fall off. If the lid does not budge, it may be necessary to use some kind of tool, but that can damage the chrome surface. In extreme cases, it may have to go to service.

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