Synchros E40BT

Synchros E40BT

Bluetooth® on-ear Headphones with music sharing feature

Sold from 2014 until now

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Product Specifications

Bluetooth Transmitter Power
less than 4dBm
Rated Power Input
Frequency Response
20Hz – 22kHz
Input Impedance
32 ohms
Maximum SPL
114dB @ 30mW
Microphone Sensitivity
-42dBV/Pa @ 1kHz

Be Connected. Share Music. Wirelessly

Next Generation, on-ear stereo headphones featuring JBL’s legendary sound, Bluetooth® connectivity, ShareMe music sharing and mobile-friendly features, all in a stylish, contemporary design. The new E40BT takes JBL’s legendary signature sound, adds advanced Bluetooth and mobile features, and packages it all in a sleek design that’s both comfortable and head-turning. JBL’s engineers have combined generous 40mm drivers withPureBass performance, treating your earsto expansive frequency response (20hz to 20KHz) with full, undistorted bass. Bluetooth technology allows wireless connectivity with phones, tablets and music players, Built-in ShareMe™ technology lets you to stream music wirelessly to another ShareMe-equipped headphone. A built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery gives 16 hours play time, and when the battery is flat, use the included aux cable for continued, uninterrupted listening. Beyond great sound, the E40BT is designed for comfort, style, and durability. The Ergonomic headband and 360-degree swivel hinges allowfor a personalized fit and long-lasting comfort. The butter-soft, leatherette ear cups cradle your ears for all-day comfort and work to seal out distracting ambient sound. The E40BT’s sleek design and five unique color combinations make a visual statement that’s as striking as its sound.

The E40BT is a stylish, wireless headphone that is the perfect complement to a smart device or tablet. It’s also a social hub: activate ShareMe with the touch of the ear cup and stream your music to another ShareMe enabled headphone. The E40 is a "concert for 2".
Listen all day, charge at night. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery powers the E40 for a generous, best-in-class 16-hours of play time. And on the occasion that you find yourself without power, use the included 3.5mm aux cable to play passively. Also included, a micro USB cord for recharging.
The E40BT keeps you connected, not tied down. Seamlessly shift from music listening to a phone call at the touch of a button. Speak wirelessly via the built-in microphone.
The E40BT delivers uncompromising highs and expansive lows; performing at a high level, is reproduces a wide frequency response from 20hz to 20khz. The large drivers combine with JBL’s PureBassperformance to guarantee a dynamic, undistorted listening experience – Hear the Truth.
The lightweight, ergonomically designed headband with soft, leatherette ear cushions cradle your ears for all-day listening comfort, while shutting out noise from the outside world. 3D, aluminum swivel hinges align the ear pad for the perfect fit and ultimate wearability.
Head turning, the E40BT’s contemporary design and four fresh color choices to make a bold statement.

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • For models E40BT and E50BT Connect the first headphone by BT to your mobile device Tap the ShareMe button once Tap the ShareMe button on the 2nd headphones twice ( ! ) The headphones will connect to each other. When changing volume on source device, or BT connected headphones, the volume will only change on THAT headphone ( and in some cases the source device, like iOS devices and newer Android ), not on the one connected via ShareMe. When changing volume on a via-ShareMe-connected headphone ( 2nd ), it will not change volume on source device, or on the BT-connected headphone. To sum up, both headphones have their individual volumes. For Everest models ( not ELITE ). Connect the headphones by BT to your mobile device Put the 2nd device ( speaker, headphones as long as they have Bluetooth ) in "BT discovery mode" Press the ShareMe button on the Everest headphone ( button marked with a little "s" ) The Everest will connect to BT device. (Please note that you may not be able to pair from the Everest to the Everest Elite models, or if you can pair, you may have dropouts in sound). When changing volume on source device, or Everest, the volume will only change on the Everest ( and in some cases the source device, like iOS devices and newer Android ), not on the device connected via ShareMe. When changing volume on via-ShareMe-connected BT device ( 2nd ), it will not change volume on source device or Everest. Please note that it is NOT possible to use ShareMe if you are listening to analog signal via cable. Bot the E-series and the Everest models will switch off the Bluetooth circuits as soon as you insert the audio cable, so re-transmission is not possible.

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