JBL Xtreme - Red - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Hero JBL Xtreme - Red - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Front JBL Xtreme - Red - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Detailshot 4
JBL Xtreme - Red - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Hero
  • JBL Xtreme - Red - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Swatch Image
  • JBL Xtreme - Black - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Swatch Image
  • JBL Xtreme - Blue - Splashproof portable speaker with ultra-powerful performance - Swatch Image

JBL Xtreme

JBL Xtreme is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker that effortlessly delivers earth-shaking, powerful stereo sound by incorporating four active transducers and two visible JBL Bass Radiators. Packing a massive rechargeable 10,000mAh Li-ion battery that supports up to 15 hours of playtime and dual USB charge out, this speaker easily keeps your music and your devices going for as long as you need them to. You can trust JBL Xtreme to bring the excitement wherever you need it – whether indoors or outdoors, poolside party or backyard barbeque – with its splashproof fabric design that’s available in black, blue, or red. It also features a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for clear conference calls, and JBL Connect that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Bluetooth version 4.1
Maximum music playing time (hrs) 15
Output power (W) 2 x 20

Audio Specifications

Signal-to-Noise Ratio 80 dB
Frequency Response 70Hz – 20kHz

Dimension Specifications

Dimensions (cm) 12.6 x 28.3 x 12.2
Dimensions (in) 4.96 x 11.14 x 4.8
Weight (kgs) 2.11
Weight (lbs) 4.65

Speaker Specifications

Transducer Woofer 2 x 63 mm

Control Connect Specifications

Bluetooth version 4.1
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads


What’s in the Box

  • 1 x JBL XTREME
  • 1 x Power adaptor
  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Safety sheet
  • 1 x Warranty Card
JBL Xtreme - What's in the Box

FAQs & How-Tos

  • Issues with the JBL Portable App and your Android device

    There might be several reasons that our Portable app may not be working correctly on your Android device. First, your Android device must have 5.0 OS (Operating system) or higher to support JBL Connect app. Devices under 5.0 OS will not be supported. If you are having trouble viewing your JBL Portable device in the app, please disable Bluetooth, and then turn it back on again. Now you should be able to see your device in the JBL Portable app.


  • Is the device still splash-proof if the zipper over the connection panel is open?

    No, only if the zipper is closed.

  • I want to do a stereo setup. Can I use any Connect-equipped speaker for this?

    Only identical Connect-equipped speakers can be used a true stereo pairs. Speakers that are not identical will play double mono.

  • I have a FLIP3, would it be possible to connect that to my Xtreme?

    Yes, if you are using our new feature JBL Conncet. It will allow up to two products that have this feature, to be connected together. Connect to one of your speakers via Bluetooth or AUX source, press the JBL Connect button on the speakers. A sound will come when they are connected. You are now able to see them connected in the JBL Connect app.

  • What is the difference between the 5000 and the 10000 mAH battery size stated on the box?

    The physical battery has a capacity of 5000mAh @7.4V. This is the charged battery storage. When outputting ( so power from the battery is drawn ), it's using 3.7V, so half of the voltage, which will give you 37Wh - equivalent to a 10.000mAh battery with power stored at 3.7V

  • How can I check the software version on my Xtreme?

    By pressing Volume - & JBL Connect button for 3 seconds. A voice will tell you the current software version of your Xtreme. The Xtreme must be ON. The latest version of the JBL Xtreme firmware is v. 7.7

  • How many hours of audio playback can you receive on a full charge on the Xtreme 2?

    You can receive up to 15 hours of playing time, depending on the music volume.

  • Is the Xtreme 2 waterproof?

    Yes, the Xtreme 2 features an IPX 7 rating. IPX7 is defined as the speaker can be immersed in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

  • Which JBL products have the Connect technology

    The first JBL speakers featuring the JBL Connect technology are: JBL Flip 3, JBL Pulse 2, JBL Xtreme, JBL Boost TV and JBL Charge 3, SB 450 A firmware upgrade is available for the JBL Charge 3 ,which will upgrade Connect to JBL Connect+. After this fw upgrade, it is no longer possible to connect the Charge 3 with other products which have JBL Connect ( Flip 3, Boost TV, Pulse 2, Xtreme )

  • How do I activate the SIRI® and Google Now™ voice assistant integration on my JBL Xtreme?

    1. Download and run the latest JBL Connect app on your phone 2. The JBL Connect app will begin discovering your JBL Xtreme (please make sure your speaker is connected via Bluetooth first) 3. Click on the software update and plug your speaker into a power source during the update 4. Once the upgrade is successful, use the toggle switch to change the play/pause button to now have the voice assistant function 5. Simply press the play/pause button on your JBL Xtreme (you will hear a brief tone) and begin speaking your commands via SIRI and Google Now. Please check the below links for more information regarding SIRI and Google Now available voice commands: SIRI: https://support.apple.com/HT204389 Google Now: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2940021 Android, Google Now, Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Siri, iTunes, and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc. Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. IOS is a registered trademark of Cisco in the US and is used by Apple under license.

  • Can i connect 3 or more speakers together with JBL Connect?

    No, for now it is only possible to connect two speakers together using the JBL connect feature. Newer JBL products feature JBL Connect+, which allows you to connect > 100 devices simultaneously, these however are not compatible with older JBL products featuring JBL Connect

  • Does the Wi-Fi indicator on the front of JBL Playlist, has to be at full signal to work?

    If the Wi-Fi indicator has all 3 LED lights on, then the signal to the speaker is extremely good, and if only 2 LED light up, then the signal will be good. If you only have 1 LED light or No LED light we suggest moving the speaker to a different location for a better Wi-Fi signal and better audio experience.

  • Can I place my Xtreme in the bathroom, where it is humid, and it may be splashed with water?

    Yes, steam and drops of water in a bathroom are fine.

  • Which JBL portable Bluetooth speakers have the JBL voice integration with SIRI and Google Now feature?

    JBL Xtreme, JBL Pulse 2, JBL Charge3, JBL Flip 3, Pulse 3, and Flip 4 Android, Google Now, Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Siri, iTunes, and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc. Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. IOS is a registered trademark of Cisco in the US and is used by Apple under license.

  • Which music services are compatible with the SIRI and Google Now voice assistant integration?

    iOS (SIRI) • iTunes • Apple Music • Local Music Android (Google Now) • Spotify • Google Play Music • Local Music Android, Google Now, Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Siri, iTunes, and Apple Music are trademarks of Apple Inc. Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. IOS is a registered trademark of Cisco in the US and is used by Apple under license.

  • When using JBL Connect, how far can i take the second speaker with me?

    JBL Connect feature is using Bluetooth technology, so it is hard to say how far you can walk away. Depending on what other signals you have at your place that could interupt and wall material between speakers.

  • PartyBoost support on the JBL Connect and JBL Connect+

    The new PartyBoost does not support the previous Connect and Connect+ features. For example: You will not be able to successfully connect the new PartyBoost enabled Flip 5 with a Connect+ enabled speaker like the Pulse 3 or Flip 4. You will not be able to connect the Boombox 2 to the original Boombox speaker.


    Product information
  • How can I connect two JBL Connect compatible speakers together?

    Please press JBL Connect buttons on both speakers to connect.

  • Does the Xtreme has the same sound with and without AC power connected?

    If you are playing on battery only, you may experience slightly lower bass level and dynamics near maximum volume. If you are AC connected and playing via your Xtreme speaker, you will hear an increase in bass performance. The reason that bass performance is lowered when playing on battery is to reduce power consumption for you to have longer playing time from your Xtreme speaker.

  • My Xtreme got dirty after a day on the beach. Can I rinse it under the faucet or shower?

    Yes, rinse it under a faucet or under the shower, but not under full water pressure.

  • What can I do with the Connect app?

    It is possible to rename the Bluetooth name of the primary connected device and set the Party or Stereo mode. If a firmware upgrade is available for any Connect, Connect+, or Partyboost compatible speaker, this can be installed through the JBL Portable app. Only identical products can be set to stereo mode. Please note that, even though you can pair a Boost TV with JBL Connect, you cannot control this from the JBL Connect App

  • Is it possible to run the Connect app on a Windows phone?

    Windows phones are not supported, and no future plans about this are known.

  • Battery and Charging Issues

    Many Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG products run on rechargeable batteries. In most cases, these batteries will provide years of excellent service and keep the music playing for many hours.

    WARNING – the rechargeable batteries inside our products are not user-serviceable. Please do not attempt to open the product or replace the battery. Doing so will void your warranty.

    Battery issues fall into three categories:

    • Your speaker or headphones run out of power after only a short time.

    • The speaker will not play at all because the battery will not hold a charge.

    • When you plug in the cable to charge your speaker, sometimes it charges and sometimes it does not- the red charging LED or other indicator might not come on.

      Here are some things to try that often fix these issues.

    1. It could be as simple as a bad USB charging cable. If you have other charging cables, give them a try. (Be sure that the cable has the same type of connector as the original one that came with your product.)

    2. Same for the charger- if your product charges by USB, try a different USB charger. Be sure that it is rated at least 2.0a (2 amps) output.

    3. Try other electrical outlets at your location to be certain it is not a local wiring issue.

    4. Charge the product overnight for at least 8 hours.

    5. When you plug the charging cable into the speaker or headphones, is the connector stable, or can it be wiggled around? If it can be wiggled, this could indicate that the charging port has been damaged or come loose. Sometimes wiggling the connection restores charging power.

    IMPORTANT: Some products such as Xtreme, Xtreme 2, Boombox, Partybox 100 & 300, GO+Play and the Onyx Studio series do not use USB charging. Instead, they have a specialized charger. Do not attempt to charge these products with other cables or chargers.

    If none of these fixes the issue, it could be that the battery has died or is losing its capacity, or that the charging connector on your speaker is damaged. Please contact us so we can assist you. Be sure to mention that you have tried the steps in this Battery & Charging FAQ so that our agents do not ask you to repeat these steps.


    Product information
  • Is it possible to replace the batteries in my JBL Xtreme by myself?

    No, this is not possible. Please contact our helpdesk for more information. They will provide contact details for the service center closest to you.

  • Xtreme - Battery Life

    Q: On the box, it says that it can play up to 15 hours music, will that still be possible if i charge my Phone while playing? A: Depending on your music source and content that is being played as well as volume level. It's possible to reach 15 hours of playtime, but if you are charging your Phone while playing. The playtime will be decreased.

  • Waterproof Information (IPX7)

    This unit is IPX7 rated, which means that you can submerge the unit in water as deep as 3 feet (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.



    Product information
  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    It takes 3.5 hours to charge the battery from completely empty to full charge.
  • Can I use my Xtreme outside in rainy weather?

    Yes, this is no problem.

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