12 inch (300mm), 600-Watt, High-Performance Powered Subwoofer

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Enclosure Type
Black Ash
Studio L
$1099.95 each
Frequency Response
22Hz – Low-pass crossover frequency
Crossover Frequencies
50Hz – 150Hz, Continuously adjustable
Weight (kg)
Height (in)
Depth (in)
Width (in)
Weight (lb)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Amplifier Power (Peak)
Amplifier Power (RMS)
Low-Frequency Transducer
12" (300mm) PolyPlasTM cone with rubber surround and cast-aluminum chassis; HeatScapeTM motor structure; Symmetrical Field GeometryTM (SFGTM); oversized fiberglass voice coil; magnetic shorting ring

A 12” subwoofer that performs with power and precision.

The L8400P delivers all the low-frequency impact and excitement required by today's high-definition video and music formats by incorporating technology originally developed for the most demanding professional applications. The 12 inch driver features a cast-aluminum frame and a massive HeatScape™ motor structure with Symmetrical Field Geometry™ combined with JBL's exclusive PolyPlas™ cone to deliver deep, powerful and bone-crushing bass. The L8400P is available in a choice of attractive black ash, beech or cherry finish.

Our proprietary PolyPlas material, a polymer-coated cellulose fiber used to coat low-frequency cones and drivers, combines strength with light weight, so it reproduces bass effortlessly and with maximum impact. The L8400P’s 12-inch (300-millimeter) PolyPlas cone offers enough impact to rock your bones.
Cast aluminum is durable and strong, and resists corrosion, heat and magnetism. A speaker’s frame supports the driver’s cone, diaphragm and other parts. The L8400P’s cast-aluminum woofer frame is tough enough to protect the low-frequency driver so that it can reproduce your music in high fidelity.
Heat can distort a speaker’s sound and lower its output and power handling. Fortunately, the L8400P includes our proprietary Heatscape motor structure, which removes heat. As a result, the L8400P operates efficiently and reproduces sound accurately.
A speaker’s baffle and enclosure should keep outside noises from entering the speaker and interfering with the sound that the speaker generates. JBL engineers have built the L8400P with a special IsoPower baffle and an exceptionally stiff, tough enclosure to keep your audio safely protected on its way to your ears.
Sheer power. That’s what the L8400P’s amplifier offers: 600 watts RMS and 1200 watts at peak. So play your music and movies as loud as you want. The L8400P’s amp can give you high volume without the slightest strain.

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