5 1/4 inch (130mm) 2-Way Competition Component Speaker System 560GTi replacement car loudspeakers are for competitors who will not settle for second place and for listeners who will not settle for sound quality that is less than spectacular. The speaker system includes a 5-inch (130-millimeter) woofer that offers the lowest-distortion performance that JBL® car audio engineers ever produced, resulting in outstanding sound within your vehicle. A cast-aluminum basket provides rigid support for the motors and moving assemblies, and a Kevlar® cone eliminates unwanted flexing. All in all, the 560GTi rewards its owner with performance that goes far beyond the sum of its parts.

Verkocht vanaf 2007 tot 2012


Product Specificaties

$2000 per pair
Frequency Response
Power Handling (Peak)
Power Handling (RMS)
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Peak Power
(2.83V@1m) 91dB
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (mm)
External Diameter Tweeter (mm)
Mounting Depth Woofer (in)
Mounting Cutout Diameter Woofer (mm)
External Diameter Woofer (mm)
External Diameter Woofer (in)
Mounting Depth Woofer (mm)
Mounting Cutout Diameter Tweeter (in)
Mounting Depth Tweeter (mm)
Mounting Cutout Diameter Woofer (in)
External Diameter Tweeter (in)
Mounting Depth Tweeter (in)
Tweeter level control and frequency contour
Low-Frequency Transducer
Ultra-rigid Kevlar® cone and dustcap with cast aluminum frame
High-Frequency Transducer
(1") 25mm edge-driven EOS tweeter with constant-directivity waveguide
Crossover Frequencies
Outboard, 2500Hz

5" (130mm), 500W dual-component competition speaker system with crossover.

The 560GTi 5-inch (130-millimeter) competition loudspeaker is a system that JBL® engineers built for competitors who won’t settle for anything less than superb sound on the road. They’ve designed the system with a list of breakthrough features that offer high-performance woofers and matching tweeters. To eliminate any potential distortion caused by the movement of air trapped within component parts, GTi Series competition speakers feature vented baskets, polepieces and voice-coil formers. An ultrarigid Kevlar® cone eliminates unwanted cone flexing – also called modal distortion – that can cause unpleasant-sounding peaks and dips in the midrange response. We’ve crafted the speaker’s spider and surround to ensure linear forward and backward motion, thereby further minimizing suspension-based distortion. A copper polepiece cap and flux-stabilization ring produce a linear voice-coil inductance that minimizes intermodulation distortion. To minimize other distortions, we’ve installed voice coil to ensure long enough to remain within the magnetic gap. The result is crystal-clear midrange, snappy mid-bass and an extremely smooth frequency response. If you want great sound in your car, the 560GTi is a great place to start.

JBL engineers designed the 560GTi speaker to produce strong, clear sound from a head-unit or amplifier capable of delivering up to 500 watts of power.
The 560GTi’s ultrarigid Kevlar cone eliminates peaks and dips in the mid-bass and midrange frequency response. A neodymium magnet provides high flux density and allows room for large steel motor components that provide critical heatsink mass for the voice coil. And a copper polepiece cap and flux-stabilization ring ensure that the cone’s motion remains ultralinear, thereby reducing distortion to minimal levels.
Speaker structures heat up during use, causing power compression that reduces your music’s dynamic range and lowers output levels. Because the 560GTi woofer’s vented-gap motor structures eliminate heat, they will play loud and long, using less amplifier power than other designs.
Speaker mounting locations inside a car do not always allow for ideal on-axis placement, even for a single listener, because they are too close to every listening position. The 560GTi uses an inventive 35-degree design axis that provides an optimal listening window for each front-seat listener.
A speaker’s audio-dispersion pattern is different at low and high frequencies. The 560GTi’s waveguides match the directivity of the tweeter to that of the woofer at the system’s crossover point, which results in smooth, linear sound.

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