TS 6000 - Black - Hero
TS 6000 - Black - Hero
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TS 6000

For more than 60 years, JBL® engineers have provided innovative sound solutions for professional audio: movie theaters, sports stadiums, concert arenas and recording studios. But you might not know that we use pro-audio technologies and materials for home audio, too. And the JBL TS6000 is no exception. It’s a three-way, floorstanding speaker engineered and designed by the team responsible for the award-winning Everest DD66000. Its dual 6-1/2-inch (165-millimeter), inverted-dome woofers provide thunderous, realistic bass that will make you feel like you’re at a concert or in a movie. A 4-inch (100-millimeter) driver and 1-inch (25-millimeter) tweeter for the high and midrange frequencies deliver vocals and nuanced movie effects with precision and clarity. And this breathtaking speaker produces frequencies as low as 34Hz and as high as 40kHz, well above the range of human hearing – so don’t fret, you will surely hear all that your entertainment can offer. The speaker also features magnesium-alloy diaphragms, which enable low-distortion sound without the unwanted vibrations sometimes associated with powerful speakers. In addition to providing you with great sound, the TS6000 also features a handsome, furniture-like enclosure that looks stunning. If you want to upgrade your home theater experience, the TS6000 is the choice for you.

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Series TS Series
Type Floor-Standing Speakers
Finish Cherry


Crossover Frequencies 600Hz; 12dB/octave
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 200
Sensitivity (2.83V@1m) 88dB
Frequency Response 42Hz - 38kHz


Height (mm) 1067
Height (in) 42
Weight (kg) 25.4
Weight (lb) 56
Width (mm) 1067
Depth (mm) 225
Width ( in) 42
Depth (in) 8-7/8


Low-Frequency Transducer Dual 6-1/2" (165mm) Magnesium-alloy, shielded; with cast-aluminum frames
Midrange Transducer 4" (101mm) Magnesium-alloy, neodymium motor assemblies, shielded
High-Frequncy Transducer 1" (25mm) Magnesium-alloy, shielded
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