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JBL Boombox - forest green - Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Hero
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JBL Boombox

Được thiết kế để trở thành loa Bluetooth di động mạnh mẽ nhất, JBL Boombox mang đến âm thanh khủng khiếp cùng với âm bass vang dội. Thưởng thức âm nhạc trong 24 giờ mà không bỏ lỡ một nhịp. Hãy tưởng tượng chơi với nhịp đập yêu thích của bạn cả ngày dài chi trong một lần sạc. Sử dụng pin 20.000mAh lớn và sạc đôi để sạc các thiết bị bên ngoài của bạn bất cứ lúc nào và tiếp tục nghe nhạc. Đủ chắc chắn để xử lý bữa tiệc cổng sau cuồng nhiệt nhất của bạn, JBL Boombox có khả năng chống nước IPX7, chịu được mọi thời tiết và ngay cả những bữa tiệc bể bơi hoành tráng nhất. Chuyển đổi giữa chế độ trong nhà và ngoài trời để tối ưu hóa âm thanh mọi lúc mọi nơi. Ngoài ra, nếu bắt buộc phải có nhạc lớn hơn, bạn có thể kết nối hơn 100 loa được bật JBL Connect + trong phạm vi Bluetooth chỉ bằng một nút nhấn.

Thông số sản phẩm

General Specifications

Thời gian chơi nhạc tối đa (giờ) 24
Công suất đầu ra (W) 2 x 30

Dimension Specifications

Kích thước (cm) 25.45 x 45.85 x 19.55
Kích thước (in) 10.01 x 19.48 x 7.69
Trọng lượng (kg) 5.25
Trọng lượng (lbs) 11.57

Control Connect Specifications

Phiên bản Bluetooth 4.2
Vui lòng tham khảo tài liệu để biết thông số kỹ thuật chuyên sâu

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JBL Boombox - What's in the Box

Câu hỏi thường gặp & How-Tos

Battery Performance Information
Harman continuously strives to improve the performance of our speakers through software updates in the JBL Portable App. To optimize battery life and performance for your speaker, please perform a software update:
First download the JBL Portable App from the App store or Google Play store to your mobile device.
Then connect to the speaker by Bluetooth.
Open the JBL Portable App and select settings to check and install the new Software version.
The red dot indicates the presence of an update (see image below).
Upgrading the software on your PartyBoost or Connect+ Speaker

Software updates for your speaker can be done using the JBL Portable app.
Download it from the Apple App store and Google Play store.
If there is an available update, look for the small red dot above the gear icon and follow the download instructions (see image below).
If you have an issue with your device it is always worth checking if there is a Software update available and performing the installation if there is.

What is connect+?
JBL Connect+ can wirelessly link more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers together to amplify the party
Do I need to close the USB cap for the speaker to be waterproof?
Yes, it is needed to close the USB cap completely for waterproof.
Renaming of the JBL Connect App to JBL Portable
The JBL Connect app will be renamed as JBL Portable on the App Store and Google Play store in January 2021, it will still be possible to find the app in each store by searching for either JBL Connect or JBL Portable.
Charging the Speaker When Wet
You will need to dry the charging port completely before plugging in power for charging.
Changing the name of the speaker
1. In order to change the name of the speaker, you must first connect your speaker via Bluetooth and then download the JBL Connect app.
2. Once the app is downloaded choose app and wait for it to recognize your device.
3. Now that your speaker is highlighted, choose the gear located either below or to the right of the speaker image.
4. Once you choose the gear you will have the option to edit the name by clicking on the small pencil icon.
5. After you change the name, you will see a notification stating to "Reconnect to  Apply New Name"
6. Go to your Bluetooth settings select "Forget This Device" and then reconnect to establish the new speaker name.
Pairing issues with a Computer or PC
In most cases when a Computer/PC/Laptop has issues connecting to a Bluetooth device (Portable speaker, Headphones, Active speakers), it's caused by your Computer/PC/Laptop's Bluetooth driver (software).

The driver (software) should support the following Bluetooth protocols, to be able to play music/sound from your Computer/PC/Laptop:

• A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) driver for your Computer/PC/Headphones to transfer music.

• AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) driver to send skip/forward/pause/play music to your device

Always get the latest driver version available for your Computer/PC/Laptop.

To download the correct driver (software), visit the manufacturer's website of your Computer/PC/Laptop. They usually have a "Support/Download" section where you can find the correct driver. Otherwise, we advise you to contact their support.

The standard drivers provided by Microsoft/Windows system are not correct and will result in error messages (such as having to enter a PIN code), or pairing will not work.
Issues with the JBL Portable App and your Android device
There might be several reasons that our Portable app may not be working correctly on your Android device. First, your Android device must have 5.0 OS (Operating system) or higher to support JBL Connect app. Devices under 5.0 OS will not be supported. If you are having trouble viewing your JBL Portable device in the app, please disable Bluetooth, and then turn it back on again. Now you should be able to see your device in the JBL Portable app.
What does IPX7 mean?
Rating IPX7 means that the device can be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes without permanent damage, but it has not been tested against the entry of dust.
Sound Distortion After Immersing Speaker in Water
If you experience any sound distortion after immersing your speaker in water, simply shake the speaker to get rid of any excess moisture and allow the speaker to completely dry. Once dry, the sound quality should return to normal.
What can I do with the Connect app?
It is possible to rename the Bluetooth name of the primary connected device and set the Party or Stereo mode. If a firmware upgrade is available for any Connect, Connect+, or Partyboost compatible speaker, this can be installed through the JBL Portable app. Only identical products can be set to stereo mode. Please note that, even though you can pair a Boost TV with JBL Connect, you cannot control this from the JBL Connect App
How to reset Boombox
In power ON mode press and hold the "Volume +" and "Play" buttons at the same time for more than 3 seconds -> Unit will power Off by itself. Now the unit is reset to factory default.
Does the JBL Boombox play at louder volume than the Xtreme?
Yes, the Boombox plays at 3,5dB higher volume than the JBL Xtreme. This results in a 150% volume increase, compared to the JBL Xtreme
Audio distortion or drop outs while using JBL PartyBoost or Connect+

If you are having trouble with distortion or drop out, try the following suggestions:

Move the audio source closer to the speakers

Move the speakers closer to each other

Make sure the streaming speaker (host) only connects to one audio source, disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the streaming speaker (host) and other audio source

Make sure the audio source only connects with one streaming speaker (host), disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the audio source and other speakers

Restart both your speakers and the audio source

Make sure speakers are away from other sources of wireless signal – you could be experiencing interference

Re-pair the audio source with your speaker

If you’re streaming audio content from the internet, the issue could be with the internet connection and not your speaker

What is the difference between the 10.000 and the 20.000 mAH battery size stated on the box?
The physical battery in Boombox has a capacity of 10.000mAh @7.4V. This is the charged battery storage. When outputting ( so power from the battery is drawn ), it's using 3.7V, half the storage voltage, which will give you 74Wh - equivalent to a 20.000mAh battery with power stored at 3.7V.
JBL Portable App: PC Information
You cannot download the JBL Portable App on a PC. This app is only available on mobile devices.
How to avoid Bluetooth Interference or Interruptions
• Always have clear line of sight between your Bluetooth device (speaker, headphones etc.) and source device (Smartphone/tablet/PC etc). Be aware of obstacles in front of your devices.

• Try to shutdown other products that have Bluetooth, but are not being used. They are often the reason for interference even though they are not being used.

• Do not stand too close to your Wi-Fi router since a Wi-Fi signal is stronger and in many cases will "overlap" the connection.

• Be aware of walls around you. Concrete and brick walls will often interrupt the signal, as it cannot pass through such thick walls.

• Bluetooth signals cannot travel through water, which includes the human body. Make sure with wireless headphones to keep your source device and the receiver on the same side of your body.

• Open spaces such as parks can cause issues for your devices, as open air is "bad" for any Bluetooth signal if it cannot reflect from objects around you.
PartyBoost support on the JBL Connect and JBL Connect+

The new PartyBoost does not support the previous Connect and Connect+ features. For example: You will not be able to successfully connect the new PartyBoost enabled Flip 5 with a Connect+ enabled speaker like the Pulse 3 or Flip 4. You will not be able to connect the Boombox 2 to the original Boombox speaker.

How many smartphones or tablets can connect to my JBL Boombox?
You can connect 3 smart devices ( iOS or Android ) simultaneously by Bluetooth. One when connecting via AUX cable.
What are the differences between Partyboost and Connect+
Our newest products, such has JBL Pulse 4 and JBL Flip 5, feature a new technology called Partyboost .

Partyboost technology
  • Improved Bluetooth connection between speakers.
  • A more powerful Bluetooth transmitter means that the speakers can be farther apart.
  • Partyboost can only connect to other Partyboost speakers.
All newer Portable products from JBL will have Partyboost integrated.
Unfortunately, this feature is not backwards compatible with  previous models that have JBL Connect or Connect+.
Buttons unresponsive when plugged into a power source
If the buttons on your portable speaker are not working properly or are unresponsive while plugged into a power source, please try running the speaker on battery. If the buttons perform correctly while running on battery, this means your power supply is not providing enough current/amps. Be sure to use a power supply that has a rating equal to or greater than the amperage rating indicated in your product specs.
Connection issues using PartyBoost or Connect+

If there are drop out or connection issues when using PartyBoost or Connect+, it could be one of three things.

1.      Units are too far apart (move units closer together) 

2.      Interference from other 2.4gHz wireless units in the area.

3.     Unit is no longer working as designed

Here are some steps to isolate the issue:

 Try taking the units out of the house and test it outside with no interference to see if you still experience connectivity issues. If you still experience connectivity issues, please try steps below:

Whatever unit drops off, remove that from the chain. Test the rest of the speakers and keep doing it until you find the speaker that is causing the drop outs.  If all speakers begin to drop off, please try a different order and repeat. Repeat this process with each unit being the “main speaker”. 

 Make sure to turn off all WiFi/RF devices. (Router, laptop, baby monitor, Nest cams, IP cams, WiFi switches, WiFi outlets, WiFi lights, cordless phones, etc.) 

You should be able to identify the issue/speaker by following these steps. 

Can I use 2 JBL Boombox speakers in Stereo?
Yes, from within the JBL Connect App, when you have 2 JBL Boombox speakers connected, set them in Stereo Mode. When you add a 3rd ( or more ) JBL Boombox speakers, they will automatically revert back to Party mode
What do the leds indicate on my JBL Boombox?
Power button, no light: Product is OFF. Power button, constant light: Product is ON. Power button: constant white, when no Bluetooth device connected. Power button, flashing blue in Bluetooth pairing mode. Power button, constant blue light: Bluetooth connected. Battery indicator LEDs: Five LEDs show battery level. When charging, the blinking LED shows how far charging has progressed. When fully charged, the LED lights will turn off. JBL Connect button flashes white in connection mode. When connected: constant light.
Information on different firmware versions on same products and models
There can be differences in the internal hardware that also implies different firmwares. These products feature the same specifications and performance expectations. If the app does not inform you of any new updates, the firmware is current and the product is performing as designed.
Waterproof Information (IPX7)

This unit is IPX7 rated, which means that you can submerge the unit in water as deep as 3 feet (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.

Can I charge the speaker when it is wet?
You need to dry the micro USB or power ports completely before plug-in power for charging.
How do I activate the SIRI® and Google Now™ voice assistant integration on my JBL Boombox?
1) Download and run the latest JBL Connect app on your phone 2) The JBL Connect app will begin discovering your JBL Boombox (please make sure your speaker is connected via Bluetooth first) 3) Use the toggle switch in the JBL Connect App to change the phone button to now have the voice assistant function 4) Simply press the “Play” button on your JBL Boombox (you will hear a brief tone) and begin speaking your commands via SIRI and Google Now. 5) Please check the below links for more information regarding SIRI and Google Now available voice commands: SIRI: https://support.apple.com/HT204389 Google Now: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2940021

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