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Arena 120

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to live quietly.   With its hard-hitting 5.5” (140mm) polycellulose woofer and 1” (25mm) soft dome tweeter, the JBL Arena 120 bookshelf / surround loudspeaker is a wake-up call for anyone who knows quality sound when they hear it. Inspired by the legendary JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor, the Arena 120 can be wall-mounted to ensure you hear remarkable detail at any position in the room whether listening to music, TV shows, movies, or games.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Recommended Amplifier Power 20 - 100W

Audio Specifications

Sensitivity 86 dB
Crossover Frequencies 2.5kHz – 18 dB/octave
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 40 kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms

Dimension Specifications

Width (mm) 188
Width ( in) 7-13/32
Height (mm) 341
Depth (mm) 113
Height (in) 13-7/16
Depth (in) 4-7/16
Weight (lb) 7.7
Weight (kg) 3.5
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads

What’s in the Box

  • 2 JBL Arena 120
  • 1 Owner’s Manual
  • 1 Mounting Template
  • 8 Adhesive Rubber Feet

FAQs & How-Tos

My speakers can handle more power than my amplifier is putting out, yet I keep blowing them. Why is this happening?
There are two ways to blow speakers. The first is the one we all know and understand. If you pump 500 watts into a speaker that is only rated at 100 watts, kaboom, it blows up. As a result, very few of us do this. So then why are all of these poor, helpless speakers blowing up? Because of the second reason, under-powering. It's really a misleading term, but let's try to explain. First let's take it to the maximum. Example: You have a 1000 watt speaker and a 100 watt amplifier. The way you like to listen to music requires 300 watts. Typically, you will ask your amp to put out that 300 watts that you want to hear. The amp will do it, but it will clip and distort. Unfortunately, the human ear can't hear distortion until it reaches almost 10%. By that time it's usually too late. The speaker keeps trying to reproduce this distortion that it's not capable or reproducing and eventually it blows (usually the tweeter fails first). If you are blowing speakers with an amp that has a power rating lower than your speakers, you are pushing your amp too far, causing it to clip, and blowing speakers. If you are pushing your system too hard, it is suggested that you realize your systems limitations or recommend that you get a more powerful amplifier. Please realize, if you only buy speakers that will handle more power and not a more powerful amplifier, you won't solve the problem. The speakers will still blow, because it is distortion that is blowing them, not too much power.
Does the Arena series requires a specific receiver for best performance?
You can use Arena speakers for any receiver of your choice! We can of course recommend you to look at our receivers at
What size speakers do you recommend for best sound performance?
It's matter of preference and choice, but our biggest speaker, Arena 180, will have the most powerful sound , but also requires some space. Our bookshelf speakers, Arena 120 & Arena 130, are also a nice addition to your home system, and will also provide powerful sound. These can be wall-mounted, which you might prefer over floor standing speakers. All of the Arena series will provide a good audio experience, so you won't go empty handed with any of them!
I just connected my subwoofer, and now I hear a constant hum. What can be done to fix this?
Often, hum is caused by a ground loop. This is a problem that is sometimes created when connecting two or more electrical components together. Sometimes the problem does not lie in any one particular unit, but in how they're connected. If your subwoofer is connected to a different wall outlet than your system, try to move the subwoofer plug to the same outlet. This may require an extension cord just for the trial. If it works, you can permanently move the sub or use an extension cord. However, if the hum you are hearing is coming from inside the sub, or if it is constant even when nothing is connected to the inputs of the sub, there is something wrong with the sub and you should bring it in for service.
Can I bi-wire my Arena speakers?
No, Arena cannot be bi-wired. Arena series has normal + and - analog input connections.
What are the carpet spikes used for?
"You can attached these spikes to your Arena 170 & Arena 180 at the bottom of the speaker. Use them for stability if you are placing your Arena 180/170 speakers on a thick rug or plush carpeting. The carpet spikes can be manually screwed into each foot on the base of the speaker."

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