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    SA750 Software Revival Guide
    ReasonRevival method for SA750 if a problem exists after a stalled software update
    SymptomsUnit will display “NET UPDATING” on the front panel display and will not complete startup
    Parts required1) a USB stick, 2) a computer for transferring files to the USB stick, 3) unit software detailed in this guide
    1. Download the software bundle by clicking here . You will download a zipped folder called “SA750 v1542 Reflash”
    2. Unzip/extract this folder (some computers will do this automatically). Inside the folder you will find 2 more folders named “Step 1 V1206 V1.72” and “Step 2 V1542 V1.72”
    3. Double click on the “Step 1 V1206 V1.72” folder. Inside you will find a file named “image.swu”
    4. Copy this image.swu file to a blank USB memory stick.
      • NOTE! The file MUST be called image.swu. If you copy the file to a location where there is already a file called image.swu your computer may rename the file automatically (for instance as “image.swu (1)”. Please double check that the file is called “image.swu” when on the memory stick.
    5. Power off the SA750 from the hard power switch on the rear of the unit immediately above the mains inlet socket.
    6. Insert the USB memory stick into the rear of the unit.
    7. Depress the recessed service switch (above the CD input connector sockets) and continue to keep it depressed.
    8. Power the unit on whilst keeping the service button depressed.
    9. Keep the service button depressed for at least 30 seconds after power on.
    10. Release the service button.
    11. Leave the unit for at least 30 minutes to update.
    12. Perform a NET reset (MENU > SYSTEM SETTINGS > NET RESET).
    14. Functionality should now be revived. To update to the most current software version repeat points 3-13 above but using “Step 2 V1542 V1.72” at point 3.     


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