Wireless In-Ear NC headphones

Getting started with your JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 150NC

Getting started with your JBL EVEREST™ ELITE 150NC

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Product Specifications

Driver size (mm)
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB)
@1kHz dB v/pa: -20
Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)
Impedance (ohms)
Number of drivers per ear
Weight (g)
Weight (oz)
Bluetooth frequency
Bluetooth transmitted modulation
Bluetooth transmitter power
4 dbm
Bluetooth version
Charging time (hours from empty)
Maximum music play time with ANC off (hours)
Maximum music play time with ANC on (hours)
Maximum play time (hours)
3-Button Remote/ Mic
Adaptive Noise Cancelling
Ambient Aware
Carrying case
Hands Free Call
In-ear neckband
JBL Legendary Pro Audio Sound
Rechargable battery
Speed charge

The smartest way to listen to music

Your life, your music, your comfort – the all-new JBL Everest Elite 150NC is truly shaped around you. Smartly engineered, they let you enjoy wireless freedom with up to 16 hours of listening pleasure on a single charge. In Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC) mode, control what you want to hear for up to 14 hours. Equipped with dual echo cancelling microphones for crystal clear calls, the JBL Everest Elite 150NC offer hands-free management of calls and music. Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound, the tangle-free cable management magnetic earbuds, the compact hard carrying case and the lightweight design elevate these headphones to travel companion par excellence. Meticulously crafted from premium materials and conceived for a snug fit thanks to the multiple size ear sleeves, these sleek and elegant headphones come in metallic finishes and colors. The My JBL Headphones App features include over-the-air updates that future-proof these headphones, while the Adjustable Ambient Aware allows you to dynamically adjust how much ambient sound is heard. Dare to listen.

Wirelessly enjoy all your music.
Experience the same elevated experience and incredible sound JBL has been delivering to concert halls, studios and living rooms for 70 years.
Tune out the world with adaptive noise cancelling that lets you control the level of ambient noise you want to let in or block out, through the My JBL Headphones App or the Smart button on the neckband.
Micro USB charging built in battery provides up to 14 hours of playing time in adaptive noise cancelling mode, and up to 16 hours with ANC off. Fully recharge the battery in 2 hours.
Built in dual microphone with echo cancellation technology for crystal clear, hands-free calls.
Unlock all the potential of the Everest Elite 150NC, personalizing the headphones settings to your taste.
Scuplted ear tips add unprecedented comfort to the listeners' experience - allowing a longer, more enjoyable experience.
The compact and sleek neckband design and the premium, hard carrying case allow maximum portability and protection.
Ensures that the headphones remain comfortably secure and tangle-free around your neck when not in use.

FAQs & How-Tos

21 results
  • No. The Everest 150NC do not feature an IPX rating and are not designed to be overexposed to moisture. Overexposure can compromise the controls and sound.
  • The Everest product uses standard Bluetooth protocol for audio communication. Gaming headphones usually use a different frequency and protocol for audio communication.
  • For headphones with Version 4.0 of the Firmware, the first update will be done via USB cable, and after the first update, all subsequent updates will be delivered over the air. For headsets with version 5.0 of the firmware, all updates will be delivered over the air, via the app
  • Sorry, neither AAC nor aptX are supported.
  • Switch the headphone ON, then press both volume buttons (VOL + and VOL-) at the same time, and hold them for 5-6 seconds. The headphones are now reset to factory default.
  • With the headphone in OFF state, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds for the Everest, 16 seconds for the Everest ELITE models. (ELITE changes to 7 seconds as well from software 0.5.6). Bluetooth memory is now erased, and new pairings can be made. An ELITE headphone permits pairing with one source device at a time. If you do not want to do a complete reset as described above, you can use the following method. Without reset, ELITE will try to re-pair with the last source when switched ON. If the last source is not detected, maybe because you want to use another source device, switch the ELITE off and on again, and make sure that the last source device you used is no longer switched ON. This way the ELITE will not be able to "see" the old source, and it will search for a new one. Now the ELITE will again search for the last paired source, and since it cannot find it after some seconds, it will switch back to be open for pairing with a new source. The LED will blink red/blue as an indication of this. The Everest BT models permit pairing with two source devices simultaneously. If you have used both source pairings, and want to pair to a third source, please perform the reset as described above (hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds with the Everest OFF). Now you can again pair two source devices.
  • With the headphones switched ON, press VOLUME + and VOLUME - , and hold them for 5 seconds. Your headphones are now reset to factory settings. This is true for Everest 310, 710, Elite 750, 310GA and 710GA.
  • • Always have clear line of sight between your Bluetooth device (speaker, headphones etc.) and source device (Smartphone/tablet/PC etc). Be aware of obstacles in front of your devices.

    • Try to shutdown other products that have Bluetooth, but are not being used. They are often the reason for interference even though they are not being used.

    • Do not stand too close to your Wi-Fi router since a Wi-Fi signal is stronger and in many cases will "overlap" the connection.

    • Be aware of walls around you. Concrete and brick walls will often interrupt the signal, as it cannot pass through such thick walls.

    • Bluetooth signals cannot travel through water, which includes the human body. Make sure with wireless headphones to keep your source device and the receiver on the same side of your body.

    • Open spaces such as parks can cause issues for your devices, as open air is "bad" for any Bluetooth signal if it cannot reflect from objects around you.
  • Visit the App Store and download the ‘Amazon Alexa’ App.

      Set up Amazon Alexa #1.png
    1. Click the Plus(+) button on the top right of the screen.
    2. Then select ‘Add Device‘.
    3. Select headphones from the list and then choose your Headphones from the list of available devices.
    4. Follow the rest of the instructions in the Alexa App to complete the setup.
  • If not pre-installed on your Android device, visit your App store to download the ‘Google Assistant’ App.

    After you have paired your JBL headphones to your device via Bluetooth, you should receive a pop-up notification (pictured below). Please tap the notification on your device to start the Google Assistant setup. You will now be directed to the Google Assistant App.

    Step 1

      Set up Google Assistant #5.png
    Follow the steps to connect and pair “JBL XXXX-LE” (depends on your model) with your devices.
    Once set up is complete, you will see the below screen:

    Step 2

    Set up Google Assistant #2.png

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to verbally interact with your Google Assistant via the headphone you must turn on the ‘Spoken Notifications’ in the Google Assistant App. This can be found under: Assistant Devices > Notifications. Alternatively, your JBL headphones can be added to the Google Assistant App manually by adding them as a Bluetooth device if this was not done when first paired. Google Assistant must be selected as your chosen voice assistant in the settings of the My JBL Headphones App also.
    Set up Google Assistant #3.png
    Set up Google Assistant #4.png
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