JBL Quantum ONE

JBL Quantum ONE

USB Wired Over-Ear Professional PC Gaming Headset with Head-Tracking Enhanced QuantumSPHERE 360

Sold from 2020 until now

Getting started with your JBL Quantum ONE

Getting started with your JBL Quantum ONE

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Product Specifications

Driver size (mm)
Passive Frequency Response
20 Hz – 40 kHz
Active Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB)
Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)
20 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance (ohms)
Audio Cable Length (ft)
Audio Cable Length (m)
Ear Cup Depth (cm)
Ear Cup Depth (in)
Ear Cup External Height (cm)
Ear Cup External Height (in)
Ear Cup External Width (cm)
Ear Cup External Width (in)
Ear Cup Internal Height (cm)
Ear Cup Internal Height (in)
Ear Cup Internal Width (cm)
Ear Cup Internal Width (in)
Charging Cable Length (m)
Charging Cable Length (ft)
Weight (g)
Weight (oz)
3.5 mm audio cable Input
Audio cable
Active Noise Cancelling
Built-in Microphone
Detachable Cable

Sound is Survival

Make your game epic. The JBL Quantum ONE wired headset gives you pro-level audio with head-tracking enhanced JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™ spatial surround sound and Active Noise Cancelling tuned for gaming. Designed for precise audio positioning, JBL QuantumSOUND Signature delivers an immersive sound curve through Hi-Res certified 50mm drivers. The voice focus detachable microphone delivers clear multiplayer interactions with noise suppression, mute features and a DISCORD-certified Game-Chat Balance Dial. A lightweight, ergonomic design keeps you comfortable while the PC software, JBL QuantumENGINE allows for powerful customization options and user profiles. The JBL Quantum ONE headset represents the absolute cutting edge in audio for the deepest level of virtual realism on your PC.

JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™*, powered by JBL QuantumENGINE, gives you professional-level 3D-audio positioning on your PC. Custom calibration of JBL's algorithm with the integrated head-tracking sensor and by-pack mic is built exclusively for the JBL Quantum ONE giving PC gamers next-gen accuracy audio positioning and a fixed, independent soundscape, improving your natural instincts. JBL Quantum ONE is also equipped with DTS Headphone X: v2.0. *Only available on PC with USB connection via the JBL QuantumENGINE.
From the tiniest footsteps to the loudest explosion, JBL QuantumSOUND Signature makes every scene epic and every gamer more competitive. The Hi-Res certified 50mm neodymium drivers deliver an immersive sound curve tuned by JBL audiologists and specifically designed for gaming. Our signature audio creates the most realistic soundscape for a competitive advantage in any battle.
The lightweight headband and ventilating, premium leather-wrapped, memory foam ear cushions are designed for even the longest gaming sessions.
Designed for gaming environments, the Active Noise Cancelling* system eliminates unwanted background sounds so you can stay fully engaged in combat without distractions. *The ANC feature works only via the USB dongle, only compatible with PC, PlayStation and Mac.
The JBL Quantum ONE headset is designed for PC use via USB but is also compatible via 3.5mm audio jack with Xbox™**, Nintendo Switch™, Mobile, Mac and VR. The features powered by JBL QuantumENGINE (JBL QuantumSPHERE 360, RGB, EQ, Microphone settings etc.) are only available on PC. Check the connectivity guide for compatibility. *Compatible with PlayStation (PS5 and PS4) **Compatible with Xbox (Xbox Series X S and One)
Echo-cancelling technology makes sure you're heard loud and clear when rallying the troops or opponents. The directional boom mic is adjustable and detachable for gaming on the go or when using a peripheral microphone. Press the mute button built into the ear cup to automatically go dark.
DISCORD-certified Game-Chat balance dial lets you adjust audio levels on the fly. Separate sound cards handle game and chat audio, allowing you to set the proper balance on the headset without having to leave the game. Also compatible with TeamSpeak, Skype, and other services.
The powerful PC software, the JBL QuantumENGINE, allows you to manage and personalize your JBL Quantum ONE gaming headset from a user-friendly dashboard and included calibration mic. Create separate user profiles, modify microphone settings, and activate RGB effects or create your own. You can also adjust the equalizer or choose from 6 presets. The JBL QuantumENGINE powers the JBL QuantumSPHERE 360 immersive surround only on your PC.
Choose your sound setting and provide your head diameter and height to adjust the surround sound profile to fit for your ears. Using the calibration mic, the JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™ allows for the most accurate and immersive spatial sound experience.
Create profiles that enhance the soundscape of specific games or choose from a variety of expertly crafted presets.
Create your own lighting effects with the built-in RGB effects tuner or choose from several preset modes that highlight the headset’s capabilities.
Not too loud, not too quiet. Adjust the microphone volume level and sensitivity. And the sidetone allows you to control how much of your own voice you can hear when talking.
Create and manage different user profiles each with their own unique settings

FAQs & How-Tos

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  • To configure the 7.1 Surround feature on your PC, please follow the guide below:

    1. In the left corner on your screen right next to the Windows logo, click on the spy-glass to start a search on your PC.
    2. Type in Sound --> then select Change System Sounds:

    3. Make sure that your the Quantum Headphones is your Default Device for both Speakers ( Game ) and Earphone ( Communication device )

    4. To configure the 7.1 Surround feature, right click on the Speakers --> then select Configure Speakers

    5. Select 7.1 Surround and click on Next
    6. Make sure that all boxes are selected, then click Next
    7. Make sure both boxes are selected, and then click Next
    8. Click on Finish. Now your Quantum headphones is configured for 7.1 Surround sound. The configuration will remain after rebooting PC or reconnecting headphones.
    Enjoy your sound experience #SoundIsSurvival #DareToListen
  • The Game-Chat balance dial only works when your headset is powered on. Please note that it supports connection with a USB Type A to C cable and a wireless transmitter dongle, but doesn’t support connection through a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth for mobile games.
  • Yes. You can configure the volume of the mic monitoring in JBL QuantumENGINE. The default setting of the mic monitoring is "OFF”.
  • The JBL Quantum ONE provides QuantumSURROUND via the USB connection on PC. You can download QuantumENGINE here: JBLQuantum.com
  • Yes, you can adjust game and chat audio balance by rotating the puck clockwise and anti clockwise. When rotating the puck, you will feel a notch in the puck that indicates 50 game and 50 chat.
  • Yes, the calibration is done for both left and right ears
  • The head tracker in the Quantum ONE uses your movements to calibrate the sensors. You can speed up the calibration process by doing the following: * Imagine that the headphone is a standard cube with 6 faces (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom) * Orient the headphone so that it is sitting on each face of "the cube" sequentially. For example, start with the headphone positioned normally (bottom face of the cube down). Then rotate it so that the right side of the cube is facing down. Then continue through the rest of the faces of the cube. * Hold the headphone in each position for 1 second * Once all the faces of the device have been rotated, set the headphone down on a stationary surface for 2 or 3 seconds.
  • In order to adjust your EQ settings you must follow these instructions:   In your Windows 10 taskbar, right click on the volume icon. It should bring up your selected output device. If “Speakers (JBL Quantum *model* Game)” is not selected, please proceed to the next step. QUantum ONE.png
    In the upper right hand corner, select the arrow. This will display a list of output devices on your PC. Please select “Speakers (JBL Quantum *model* Game)” After selecting 'speakers' you will now be able to adjust your EQ settings to your preference. Quantum-one_2
  • Onboard Adaptive Noise Cancellation is controlled by the multi-function button on the rear of the left ear-cup. Switched on by default, you can SHORT press the multi-function button to toggle from ANC to talk-through. Turn off ANC by long-pressing the multi-function button.  
  • You can clean it by wiping it gently with a damp cloth. Take extra care not to let water leak into the speaker chamber, as it will damage the speaker drivers.
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