Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - Black - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Hero Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - Black - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Front Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - Black - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Back
Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - Black - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Hero
  • Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - Black - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Swatch Image
  • Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - White - Truely wireless sport headphones for your every run, with JBL technology and sound. - Swatch Image

Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL®

UA True Wireless Flash offers a truly cord-free experience to push yourself further. The UA waterproof technology and Sport Flex Fit ear tips were crafted specifically for all condition training while the JBL Charged Sound was boldly optimized and tuned for motivation. Hear your surroundings with Bionic Hearing featuring TalkThru Technology to quickly interact with your workout partner, and AmbientAware Technology to hear your surroundings for increased safety. With up to 25 hours battery life and a durable aluminum charging case, these headphones truly break the limits.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

Bluetooth version 4.2
Ear tip material Silicone
Driver size (mm) 5.8

Audio Specifications

Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB) 95dB
Dynamic frequency response range (Hz) 20Hz-22kHz
Impedance (ohms) 14.0
Number of drivers per ear 1.0

Dimension Specifications

Weight (g) 16
Weight (oz) 0.56

Control Connect Specifications

Bluetooth profiles A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6
Bluetooth frequency 2.402GHz - 2.48GHz
Bluetooth transmitted modulation GFSK, π/4DQPSK, 8DPSK
Bluetooth transmitter power <9.5 dbm
Please consult the documents for in-depth specs

Documents & Downloads


What’s in the Box

  • 1 x True Wireless Flash in-ear sport headphone
  • 1 x Protective sport charging case
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x Safety sheet
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 12-Month MapMyRun Premium membership
  • 3 Sizes of ear tips
  • 3 Sized of winged ear tip enhancers
Under Armour® True Wireless Flash – Engineered by JBL® - What's in the Box

FAQs & How-Tos

  • Fit and Sizing

    Try all Flex Fit Ear fins included (S/M/L) to find a snug fit for stability during workout. Usually the biggest size that fits comfortably in your ear will provide the most stability. Try all ear tip sizes (S/M/L) to find a snug seal for optimum sound quality, and look for a balance of comfort and acoustic sealing.


    Getting started
  • Cleaning Instructions for Re-establishing Charging

    It is not uncommon to have charging problems with True Wireless headphones. You may encounter that charging stops, does not start at all or that one of the ear buds suddenly switches on and begins the pairing process. This is almost always caused by dirt on the metal charging contacts. These contacts are vulnerable because they can easily be contaminated by sweat, skin grease, or ear wax. They are usually gold plated, but gold plating does not prevent surface dirt.

    If you have charging problems, the first step is to always clean all contact points, on each earbud and on the charging case.
    You will need: cotton cloth or makeup swab, cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

    Use a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol to clean the charging terminals of the headphones. Rotate the swab and scrub lightly on each contact surface, then use a cotton cloth to remove any dust and cotton residue left on the headphones. It is important to perform this process periodically to keep your headphones clean, thus avoiding affecting the charging speed/quality.

    Wipe the contact pins in the charging case with a clean cotton swab. The swab can be slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol, but it is important that the interior is completely dry before closing the box. Use the cotton cloth and wait for it to dry.

    Repeat until the contact points are visibly clean, and charging should work as designed. This procedure can be performed on all TWS earphones and cases.


  • Voice Assist Information

    To activate the voice assistance, press and hold the center button on the RIGHT ear for 2 seconds until you hear your music stop. You will be able to speak to VA through your headphones and it should comply with your command.


    Product information
  • Map My Fitness

    This headphone comes with a 1 year subscription to Map My Run. There will be a 15 Character Access Code that is printed on the insert card or you can visit www.mapmyrun.com/promo/UA. If you are not a MMR Member, you will need to register on the website before you can redeem your Access Code. If you are already a MMR Member with an Annual Premium Membership you can visit the link and use your code to renew for 1-Year when your membership is up for renewal. Refer to the expiration date on your Access Code to ensure that it does not expire. If you are a MMR Member with a monthly Premium Membership you can cancel your monthly premium and then visit link to enter the 1-Year Access Code.


    Product information
  • My JBL Headphone App Support

    This headphone is not supported by the My JBL Headphone app.


    Product information
  • Resetting/Powering Off True Wireless Headphones

    1. Putting the earbuds back to the charging case and close the lid.
    2. Use the Auto-off function via the JBL Headphone app (Only applicable for headphones supported in our JBL Headphone app).
    3. *Double-tap on your right or left side of the earbud and long press 5 seconds until you hear a ring tone. *It will power-off your headphone and factory reset them.
    Your TWS headphones will lose the Bluetooth connection, and you will need to redo the pairing process again by 'forgetting the device' in your BT settings. 


    Product information
  • How to Reset True Wireless Stereo Headphones

    Place both ear pods in the charging box, while the charging box is plugged into a power source. Press and hold the button on the Right pod for about 5 seconds. The LED on the pod will turn off and then turn back on again. This restores to factory defaults. (Please note that charging must take place for reset to work.)


    Product information
  • Playback Time Information

    When fully charged, you should expect to receive up to 10 hours of audio playback. You should receive up to 40 hours in the  charging case when case is fully charged.


    Product information
  • Multipoint Connectivity Information

    This headphone does not support Multipoint Connectivity which means that it  can only be connected to one Bluetooth device at a time. 


    Product information
  • Charging Information

    To charge the headphones, place inside charging case. While charging, both LEFT and RIGHT ear bud will display a sold red light. Once the headphones are fully charged. The red light will turn OFF. When the charging case is fully charged, the white LED's will light up accordingly. Battery life can last for 10-hours per charge. You may recharge your earphones for another 40-hours playtime with the charging case. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the charing case.  


    Product information
  • TalkThru Technology

    To activate TalkThru Technology, press the LEFT ear for a short press for 1 Second which allows you to clearly hear others for quick conversations without removing headphons. Music volume level should lower when TalkThru is engaged. Press again for 1 second to turn off Talk Thru.

  • Track Control

    To pause/play music, tap center button on right or left ear for 1 second. To skip tracks forward, DOUBLE CLICK the center button on right or left ear. Unfortunately, you cannot skip tracks backward.


    Product information
  • Manually Connecting

    The Left and Right bud should sync together automatically when removed from the case. If the Left and Right bud do not sync together automatically within 15 seconds, you may manually sync the buds together. With the buds out of the case, press the center button on each bud 3x. This action does not have to be done simultaneously. You may start with either the L or R bud to initiate syncing.


  • Waterproof Information (IPX7)

    This unit is IPX7 rated, which means that you can submerge the unit in water as deep as 3 feet (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.



    Product information
  • Call Information

    To take a phone call, tap the center button of the right or left ear for 1 second. To hang up a call, tap and hold the center button for 1 second. To ignore a call, tap and hold center button for 3 seconds until music resumes. You may also use the ear buds in MONO or STEREO mode which allows you to make a call or listen to music on either bud independently.


    Product information
  • Pairing Information

    To power on and pair the headphones, remove the ear tips from the charging case. If this is your first time using the headphones, they will automatically go into pairing mode. You will see the blue and red LED light flash on the RIGHT and LEFT ear as it attempts to pair with your device. Make sure your device is in range and BT settings are ON. The JBL True Wireless Flash X should pop up on your list of discoverable devices within 3-5 seconds, tap and connect. Once connected, you will see a slow blinking blue light below the UA logo on the RIGHT and LEFT Ear. This headphone allows you to use the ear tips in Stereo or Mono mode. If you wish to just use the LEFT or RIGHT ear, simply place the ear tip you do not wish to use back in the charging case.
  • Headphones & Third Party Communication Apps (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc)

    If you are experiencing issues getting the app to communicate with your headphones, (assuming you have already paired the headphones with the device) go into the communication apps audio settings. You will likely find the resolution there. You may have to set your headphones as the ‘communication device’ within the app you are using. 


    Product information
  • Is Volume Control Supported?

    This headphone does not feature volume control. You must manually control volume from your device.

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