MS 9200

MS 9200

300-watt, two-way, 6" x 9" marine loudspeaker

Vendido desde 2005 hasta ahora

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Especificaciones del producto

6 x 9
Frequency Response
(2.83V/1m) 91dB
Mounting Cutout Diameter (mm)
153 x 224
Mounting Cutout Diameter (in)
6 x 8-13/16

The JBL® MS9200 holds up to the sun, the sea spray, all that salt and all those washdowns. Its waterproof motor structures, sealed cones and integrated grilles ensure that the MS9200 will stay afloat for years. Its one-piece cast-polymer basket holds up, even after excessive exposure to sun and salt. Its sealed magnet protects the motor structure from water, and its rubber surrounds are durable and offer superior cone-edge suspension. Its grille-mounted tweeter allows the front of the woofer cone to be sealed, protecting the motor structure. Conditions out there are brutal – and the roar of Mother Nature makes extraordinary demands on your speakers – but the JBL MS9200 is up to it.

With all the right waterproofing, a one-piece cast-polymer basket, a sealed magnet, rubber surrounds and a grille-mounted tweeter, the JBL® MS9200 is, like all JBL marine audio products, built to survive salt water, corrosion and other risks – and show you a great time out there.
The roar of the open sea can drown out audio. The JBL® MS9200’s polypropylene cone delivers rigidity with good internal damping and complete weather resistance. You get an impossible-to-miss increase in thumping bass and crystal-clear highs that stand up to anything.
Owning a boat takes commitment and work. Installing the JBL® MS9200? Not so much. It has a mounting depth of only 3-5/16 inches (85 millimeters) and a cutout diameter of 8-13/16 x 6 inches (153 x 224 millimeters). You can put it in the tightest of spaces.
The JBL® MS9200 has a power output of 100 watts RMS and peak power handling of 300 watts. With all that power, you can fill the fresh, open air with great sound.
The JBL® MS9200’s mounting hardware is as strong and weather-resistant as everything else about the MS9200. It’s all included, along with step-by-step instructions. You’ll be rocking out on the open water in no time.

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