JBL Boombox 3

JBL Boombox 3

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Getting started with your JBL Boombox 3

Getting started with your JBL Boombox 3

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Product Specifications

Output power (W)
1x80W RMS-subwoofer + 2x40W RMS-midrange + 2x10W RMS-tweeter (AC mode) 1x60W RMS-subwoofer + 2x30W RMS-midrange + 2x8W RMS-tweeter (Battery mode)
Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)
40 Hz - 20k Hz
Dimensions (cm)
48.2 x 25.7 x 20.0
Dimensions (in)
19.0 x 10.1 x 7.9
Weight (kgs)
Weight (lbs)
Bluetooth profiles
A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6
Bluetooth frequency
2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Bluetooth transmitted modulation
Bluetooth version
Charging time (hrs)
Maximum music playing time (hrs)
3.5 mm audio cable Input
Charging cable
JBL PartyBoost
Rechargable battery
IP Code

Massiv lyd Hele dagen lang.

Vi har nettopp gjort vår kraftigste bærbare Bluetooth-høyttaler enda bedre. Den ikoniske silhuetten til JBL Boombox 3 har en dristig ny oppdatering med et solid metallhåndtak med silikongrep, doble sidedeksler og vanntett og støvtett signaturstoff. Den har også fått ny design på innsiden, og den nye basshøyttaleren slipper ut mye dypere bass og massiv JBL Original Pro Sound, alt med lavere forvrengning. 24 timers spilletid tar deg hele veien fra morgentreningen til en sen kveld med vennene dine. Og for lyd som er praktisk talt ubegrenset, kobler du umiddelbart flere høyttalere til JBL Portable-appen.

Nyt musikken din med massiv JBL Original Pro Sound. De nye 3-veis høyttalerne gir høyere følsomhet med den akustiske designen vår, samtidig som de reduserer forvrengningen for massiv bass og et rikt lydspektrum – uansett hvor høyt du skrur opp volumet.
Feir hvert øyeblikk med lydene du elsker. Fra tidlig morgentrening til en kveldstur med venner, vi har lagt til 24 timers batterilevetid for å holde deg i ditt element hele dagen.
Til bassenget. Til parken. JBL Boombox 3 er IP67-vanntett og -støvtett, derfor kan du ta høyttaleren med deg hvor som helst.
Vi har oppdatert den elegante, ikoniske JBL-silhuetten. Med doble sidedeksler og et solid metallhåndtak med et iøynefallende oransje silikongrep, kan du ta med musikken – og stilen din – hvor som helst.
Din spilleliste eller min? Du kan koble opptil to smarttelefoner eller nettbrett trådløst til høyttaleren og bytte på å nyte lyden av JBL Pro.
PartyBoost lar deg pare sammen to JBL PartyBoost-kompatible høyttalere for stereolyd eller koble flere JBL PartyBoost-kompatible høyttalere sammen for å få liv på festen.
Last ned JBL Portable-appen for å få mest mulig ut av Boombox 3. Tilpass innstillinger, lås opp funksjoner og få oppdateringer i sanntid slik at du alltid kan lytte til musikken din – på din måte.
JBL er forpliktet til en mer bærekraftig, miljøvennlig emballasje. Det er derfor Boombox 3 leveres i en resirkulerbar papirbasert eske, inkludert det indre brettet, med et eksteriør trykt med soyablekk.

FAQs & How-Tos

13 results
  • If you are having trouble with distortion or drop outs, try the following suggestions:

    Move the audio source closer to the speakers

    Move the speakers closer to each other

    Make sure the streaming speaker (host) only connects to one audio source, disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the streaming speaker (host) and other audio source

    Make sure the audio source only connects with one streaming speaker (host), disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the audio source and other speakers

    Restart both your speakers and the audio source

    Make sure speakers are away from other sources of wireless signal – you could be experiencing interference

    Re-pair the audio source with your speaker

    If you’re streaming audio content from the internet, the issue could be with the internet connection and not your speaker

    Software Update Release Notes
    Software Version:  V0.3.0.0
    Version (iOS):  N/A
    Version (Android):  N/A
    Release Date:  July 27, 2022
    Release Media:  OTA (over the air) via JBL Portable App

    What’s New
    1. Fixed Issue: Red LED keeps flashing after powering off the device
    2. Fixed Issue: Battery indicator LEDs do not change when charging an external device via USB-A port
    3. Fixed Issue: Charging LED keeps flashing after speaker is fully charged
    4. Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • You will need to dry the charging port completely before plugging in power for charging.
  • This product does not feature speakerphone or voice assistant functionality as it does not have a microphone.
  • • Always have clear line of sight between your Bluetooth device (speaker, headphones etc.) and source device (Smartphone/tablet/PC etc). Be aware of obstacles in front of your devices.

    • Try to shutdown other products that have Bluetooth, but are not being used. They are often the reason for interference even though they are not being used.

    • Do not stand too close to your Wi-Fi router since a Wi-Fi signal is stronger and in many cases will "overlap" the connection.

    • Be aware of walls around you. Concrete and brick walls will often interrupt the signal, as it cannot pass through such thick walls.

    • Bluetooth signals cannot travel through water, which includes the human body. Make sure with wireless headphones to keep your source device and the receiver on the same side of your body.

    • Open spaces such as parks can cause issues for your devices, as open air is "bad" for any Bluetooth signal if it cannot reflect from objects around you.
  • In power ON mode press and hold the "Volume +" and "Play" buttons at the same time for more than 3 seconds -> Unit will power Off by itself. Now the unit is reset to factory default.
  • This product is rated IP67, which is different from IPX7. IP67 protects the product from submersion in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. It is also resistant against dust. Dust accumulation around electronics can lead to hardware failure, so the IP67 rating is an extremely beneficial addition to this product. 
  • If you create a Stereo Pair using the JBL Portable App and you come within range of additional PartyBoost compatible speakers while they are ON, the app will find these speakers. This will break the stereo pair and create a mono PartyBoost group that includes all active speakers that are in proximity. This only happens when the JBL Portable App is actively running on the source device, including when it is running in the background, and when these other speakers are ON. To avoid this scenario, make sure the app is completely closed, without running in the background before coming near any additional PartyBoost speakers that happen to be ON.

    NOTE: The Portable App does not need to be running in order to enjoy Stereo sound from two speakers

  • The new PartyBoost does not support the previous Connect and Connect+ features. For example: You will not be able to successfully connect the new PartyBoost enabled Flip 5 with a Connect+ enabled speaker like the Pulse 3 or Flip 4. You will not be able to connect the Boombox 2 to the original Boombox speaker.

  • 1. Connect the first Partyboost speaker with your phone and keep music playing (for best results play music on this speaker for more than 20 seconds before proceeding with the next steps).
    2. Press the Partyboost button on the first speaker.
    3. Turn on the second speaker that you want to connect in Partyboost mode.
    4. Now press the Partyboost button on the second speaker.
    5. After a few seconds, both Partyboost speakers should connect and play together.
    It can take a few seconds after music is started before sound will be heard from both speakers.
    This is also the process for connecting more than two speakers in Party mode, simply turn on the other compatible speakers and press the Partyboost buttons. PartyBoostButtonsGroup.png
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