Synchros S100

Synchros S100

Advanced 9mm driver. Tangle resistant flat cable

2013 부터 현재까지 판매

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In-ear headphones
Frequency response
10Hz – 22kHz
Maximum SPL
106dB @ 5mW
Rated Power input
3.5mm jack

The JBL S100 sports an ultra-light, highly durable aluminum frame, making it easy to wear for hour after hour of comfortable listening.
A precision-made 9 mm driver ideal for advanced sound performance.
Scientifically designed earpiece acoustics and a premium 9mm driver are at the heart of JBL PureBass performance, bringing you all the raw power and clarity of pulsing bass - the kind you'd expect from the world leader in concert sound. The result speaks for itself: JBL clarity of sound no matter the frequency or volume, letting you enjoy the deepest-hitting drums without sacrificing even a hint of sound quality.
Angled ear tips with 3 different sizes of silicone sleeve allow for overall ease and comfort of listening experience.
Whatever configuration your S100 flat cable comes in, it’s custom-designed to be tangle resistant.
Comply™ foam tips offer a higher level of sound isolation for an improved audio performance.
Apple 3-button remote cable, universal 3-button remote, or straight cable

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