High-performance in-ear headphones

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$99.95 each
Frequency Response
12Hz - 23.5kHz
Input Impedance
16 ohms
Maximum Input Power
121dB SPL/V (2.83V/1m)
Weight (g)
Weight (oz)
Hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
99.99& oxygen-free cable, 3.3ft (1m)

For more than 60 years, the JBL® brand has been helping musicians sound their best for audiences large and small. Now we’ve teamed up with Roxy sportswear to help your favorite artists sound their best for you – and you alone. Roxy JBL in-ear headphones deliver all the sonic realism and deep, distortion-free bass you’d expect from the world’s leading professional audio maker with all the style you expect from the Roxy brand – in compact, folding headphones that can go with you anywhere.

We’ve designed the Roxy JBL® in-ear headphones for comfort and performance in even the noisiest, most uncomfortable places. You'll be hard-pressed to find a set of headphones that sound better or weigh less –just 3 grams (without cable). A convenient carrying case and cable winder are standard, promising that your otherwise annoying commute or airplane ride will at least be tangle-free.
Roxy JBL® in-ear headphones feature high-performance drivers with an outstanding dynamic range. They deliver high-output bass response to frequencies as low as 12Hz, with the full dynamics of a live performance. Because their closed-back design will block out most ambient noise, your Roxy JBL headphones will transport you from wherever you are to the concert stages and professional studios where your favorite music was first recorded.
In keeping with our professional reputation for durability, we’ve designed the Roxy JBL® in-ear headphones to be especially rugged, with oxygen-free cables and a hard, silver-plated jack that resists corrosion while enhancing acoustic clarity. So go ahead, drop them in your backpack, or toss them in the plastic bin at the airport checkpoint. They’re built to take it.
There’s really only one goal in reproducing recorded sound: to duplicate the experience of hearing a live performance. In pursuing that goal for more than 60 years, JBL® professional loudspeakers have set – and continuously raised – the audio industry’s benchmark for accuracy and realism. Today, you’ll hear JBL systems virtually everywhere you hear great sound. Renowned performance spaces, major sports arenas, giant convention halls and well over half of all the world’s movie theaters are powered by JBL equipment. Best-selling musicians have been relying on JBL loudspeakers in the studio and on the road since the halcyon days of the first Woodstock music festival. But JBL products aren’t just for professionals. We also build exceptional entertainment systems for personal use that incorporate many of the advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques originally developed for our professional systems.

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