Portable Loudspeaker for iPhone and iPod

Sold from 2008 until 2009

Predecessor Product: ON STAGE MICRO
Made in: China

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Product Specifications

On Stage
Power Consumption
Available Finishes
$99.95 each
Frequency Response
70Hz – 20kHz
Depth (in)
Width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Depth (mm)
Width (in)
Height (mm)
Weight (lb)
Height (in)
Two 1" Full range per channel

Amazingly big audio in a small, versatile iPod/iPhone dock.

Dock up, turn it on and watch jaws drop. The JBL On Stage Micro II may be small, but it doesn’t sound small. Weighing in at a mere 0.67 pounds (0.3 kilograms) and measuring just 6 inches (150mm) in diameter, this svelte beast comes correct with two JBL Odyssey full-range, computer-optimized transducers – ready to outperform larger systems no matter where you are. And we’ve engineered it to reproduce your digital music with outstanding dynamics, superb tonal accuracy and minimal distortion (even at high volumes) for a genuine live-performance feeling. But more than just providing killer sound, the JBL On Stage Micro II is exceptionally convenient: It docks most iPod and iPhone models, syncs with iTunes and works with practically all MP3 players, tablet, desktop and laptop computers, game consoles and satellite-radio systems. It can even charge your iPod or iPhone when docked. Simple and easy to use, it features touch controls for power and volume, comes with a powerful remote control and can play up to 12 hours on just four AAA batteries. While we could say that amazing sound is this player’s strongest virtue, however with its small form factor and versatility, the JBL On Stage Micro II is the perfect trifecta of portable music players.

The JBL On Stage Micro II loudspeaker dock produces superior sound that you’d expect from a system many, many times its size. When you want ease of use and a low profile combined with high performance, the choice is the JBL On Stage Micro II.
When plugged in, the JBL On Stage Micro II charges your iPod or iPhone – even if the system is off. When you’re nowhere near a power outlet, four AAA batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous playback. Advanced energy-conservation modes extend battery life without compromising performance.
Full-range Odyssey transducers are one secret of the JBL On Stage Micro II’s remarkable sound. With an impressive frequency response of 70Hz – 20kHz, these stiff, lightweight drivers feature computer-optimized equalization, which uses digital signal processing (DSP) to create a big, rich soundstage.
Just a touch on the JBL On Stage Micro II’s brushed-metal controls increases or decreases the volume. The system also includes an IR (infrared) remote control that lets you browse iPod or iPhone songs, photos and playlists, change tracks and settings, and do more, all from across the room.
Yes, it charges even when it’s off. In addition, the JBL On Stage Micro II has a USB input so you can easily connect to your iTunes library. You can sync new music to your iPod or iPhone without having to remove it from the dock.
The JBL On Stage Micro II is compatible with all docking iPod devices – including the iPod nano G3, iPod classic and iPod touch – as well as your iPhone. And you can receive iPhone calls even while you’re listening to music. Just answer the call. Your music stops, and it starts playing again when you hang up.
Use a wide variety of electronic devices with the JBL On Stage Micro II. You can connect to mobile phones, CD players and desktop and laptop computers – virtually anything with a stereo mini-jack output – through the system’s auxiliary input.

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