Synchros S300i

Synchros S300i

Premium On-ear stereo headphone iOS compatible

Sold from 2013 until now

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Product Specifications

On-ear headphones
Maximum SPL
115dB @ 30mW
Rated Power Input
Frequency Response
10Hz – 22kHz
3.5mm jack
Premium 40mm

The new shape of sound

Revolutionize your portable listening Now you can have your sonic revolution and carry it easily too. The new JBL Synchros S300 I breaks from traditional headphone design. Lightweight, yet durable, with a steel headband and leather ear cushions, the S300 I is comfortable for hours of pro-audio listening. Modeled after the same JBL sound systems used in the world’s most prestigious clubs, the S300 I delivers a balanced audio experience with amazing clarity and deep, powerful bass. The earcups rotate and fold in for simple, compact storage.

Scientifically designed earcup acoustics and a premium 40mm driver are at the heart of JBL PureBass performance, bringing you all the raw power and clarity of pulsing bass - the kind you'd expect from the world leader in concert sound. The result speaks for itself: JBL clarity of sound no matter the frequency or volume, letting you enjoy the deepest-hitting drums without sacrificing even a hint of sound quality.
The S300 I incorporates a 3-D rotational, fold-up design that lets you store or carry it flexibly and conveniently wherever you stay - or go.
Detachable cable design with iOS 3-button remote/microphone cable giving you the flexibility you need for on-the-go listening.

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