7.1 Surround configuration set up guide

7.1 Surround configuration set up guide

To configure the 7.1 Surround feature on your PC, please follow the guide below:

1. In the left corner on your screen right next to the Windows logo, click on the spy-glass to start a search on your PC.
2. Type in Sound --> then select Change System Sounds:

3. Make sure that your the Quantum Headphones is your Default Device for both Speakers ( Game ) and Earphone ( Communication device )

4. To configure the 7.1 Surround feature, right click on the Speakers --> then select Configure Speakers

5. Select 7.1 Surround and click on Next
6. Make sure that all boxes are selected, then click Next
7. Make sure both boxes are selected, and then click Next
8. Click on Finish. Now your Quantum headphones is configured for 7.1 Surround sound. The configuration will remain after rebooting PC or reconnecting headphones.
Enjoy your sound experience #SoundIsSurvival #DareToListen
Category: Troubleshooting

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