CONTROL SUB 6 - Black - 6-1/2 inch Powered Sub - Hero
CONTROL SUB 6 - Black - 6-1/2 inch Powered Sub - Hero


Treat this subwoofer casually but take it seriously because inside the rugged, high-impact molded cabinet is some very sophisticated technology. This sub has a front-firing 6-1/2 inch woofer rated at 60 watts of power, and a frequency response of 40Hz to (90 - 200Hz) adjustable. JBL Control Series subwoofers put you in control of your music. And isn't that how it ought to be? Sold as each. Factory
Año de lanzamiento 1996 Año de descatalogación 1997 Successor Product ARC SUB

Especificaciones del producto

Especificaciones generales

Built-in Amplifier 60 Watts
Subwoofer Transducer 6 1/2 inch
Cabinet principle bass reflex
Frequency Response 40 – 200Hz
Crossover Frequency(ies) Adjustable
Inputs Speaker and line level
Outputs High pass speaker level
Finish Black or White
MSRP U.S. $349.95 each


Weight 11.8 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 432x324x282
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