True wireless in-ear headphones.

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Especificaciones del producto

Driver (mm)
Weight (g)
Sensibilidad del driver a 1kHz1mW (dB)
Respuesta de frecuencia dinámica
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedancia de entrada (ohms)
Número de drivers por auricular
Peso del maletín de carga (oz)
Peso del auricular (oz)
Peso del maletín de carga (g)
Peso del auricular (g)
Versión Bluetooth
Perfiles Bluetooth
A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, HFP 1.7
Rango de frecuencia de transmisión Bluetooth
2.402 GHz - 2.480 GHz
Transmisión de modulación GFSK vía Bluetooth
Potencia de transmisión Bluetooth
0 - 10dbm
Tiempo de carga (horas)
Tiempo de juego máximo (horas)
Charging cable
Integración con asistente de voz
Micrófono integrado
Llamadas con manos libres
Sonido JBL Pure Bass
True Wireless
Estuche de carga
Batería recargable

Pure bass zero cables.

No wires. No hassles. Introducing the completely cord free JBL C100TWS. They are powerful in sound thanks to a 5.8mm driver featuring JBL Pure Bass sound and colorful in design. The earbuds combined with the elegantly designed portable charging case provide up to 17 hours of unrestrained musical enjoyment. Ergonomically shaped, they also ensure long lasting comfort. Equipped with intuitive and handy controls that are conveniently located on each earpiece, including one click access to Siri and Google Now.

Your listening needs are met from the start of the day, to its end. And if that’s not enough, plug the earbuds into the elegantly designed portable charging case for just 15 minutes to get up to 1 extra hour of charge.
Dive into your favourite tunes with great range and connectivity. Keep your phone in your pocket and your earpods plugged in, without worrying about glitches and lagging.
From the second you tune-in, your music turns on. Pair the right earbud with your device, and the left one automatically syncs when it’s out of the case. Simple!
Talk like you walk, with uninterrupted calls and a next gen. microphone that picks up every syllable. This is the superior sound and call clarity that you deserve.
Whether your earpods are plugged in or in the case in your bag, never let your music get tangled in the hassle of wires again. Totally wireless, totally convenient.
Comes with JBL’s unmatched TWS and bass clarity that transforms every playlist into an immersive journey - a signature sound you can never get enough of
When you plug into great sound, you also plug into absolute comfort. These lightweight earbuds never fall out whether you’re traveling, working out, or binge-watching!
Tap the earpod and say “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” to get tasks done and tick off your checklists. Multi-tasking was never this simple!

Preguntas frecuentes y procedimientos

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  • 1. Inserte ambos auriculares en el estuche de carga.
    2. Intente pulsar 5 veces el botón de los auriculares izquierdo y derecho simultáneamente, para reconectar los auriculares izquierdo y derecho.

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