JBL Pulse 4

JBL Pulse 4

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Getting started with your JBL Pulse 4

Getting started with your JBL Pulse 4

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Product Specifications

Udgangseffekt (W)
Mål (cm)
9.6 x 20.7 x 9.6
Mål (inch)
3.8 x 8.1 x 3.8
Vægt (kg)
Vægt (lbs)
A2DP V1.3, ACRCP V1.6
2.402 - 2.480GHz
Bluetooth sender-modulation
Bluetooth sender-effekt
Ladetid (timer)
Spilletid (timer)
Charging cable
JBL PartyBoost
Genopladeligt batteri

JBL Pulse 4

Kickstart din fest med JBLs berømte lyd og et blændende 360 graders LED-lysshow. Vores smarte IPX7 vandtætte design lyser op og lader musikken spille i op til 12 timer på en enkelt opladning. Tryk på JBL Connect-appen for at ændre de lyd-responsive farver og mønstre, og opret forbindelse til andre JBL PartyBoost-kompatible højttalere for at gøre festen endnu mere fantastisk.

Pulse4 lyser op hele natten med et fantastisk 360 graders lysshow i høj opløsning.
Pulse4 sender JBL’s berømte lyd ud i alle retninger med de geniale 360 graders højttalere.
Er du klar til at feste? Pulse4 leverer op til 12 timers afspilning på en enkelt opladning.
Tag dine højttalere med overalt. Poolparty? Perfekt. En hurtig byge? Intet problem. Fest på stranden? Pulse4 er IPX7-vandtæt ned til en meters dybde og giver dig udendørs underholdning uden problemer.
Download JBL Connect-appen, så du nemt kan styre din fest. Visualiser din musik med forskellige lysshowtemaer - eller lav dit helt eget. Klar til at tune ud? Gør dine højttalere til et stemningsfuldt lysshow, uanset om musikken spiller eller ej.
PartyBoost giver dig mulighed for at parre to JBL PartyBoost-kompatible højttalere for at få stereolyd eller forbinde flere JBL PartyBoost-kompatible højttalere for at sætte ekstra gang i festen.
Det kunne ikke være nemmere at forbinde dit LED-lysshow med andre Pulse4-enheder i nærheden. Du skal bare holde din højttaler tæt ved og ryste den for at synkronisere.

FAQs & How-Tos

29 results
  • If you are having trouble with distortion or drop outs, try the following suggestions:

    Move the audio source closer to the speakers

    Move the speakers closer to each other

    Make sure the streaming speaker (host) only connects to one audio source, disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the streaming speaker (host) and other audio source

    Make sure the audio source only connects with one streaming speaker (host), disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the audio source and other speakers

    Restart both your speakers and the audio source

    Make sure speakers are away from other sources of wireless signal – you could be experiencing interference

    Re-pair the audio source with your speaker

    If you’re streaming audio content from the internet, the issue could be with the internet connection and not your speaker
  • If the buttons on your portable speaker are not working properly or are unresponsive while plugged into a power source, please try running the speaker on battery. If the buttons perform correctly while running on battery, this means your power supply is not providing enough current/amps. Be sure to use a power supply that has a rating equal to or greater than the amperage rating indicated in your product specs.
  • You can change the JBL Pulse lightshow via JBL Portable app.

    1. Connect the Pulse with your phone, open the JBL Portable app and wait for app to recognize your speaker.  
    2. Click the Lightshow button to enter the lightshow set-up

    3. Swipe left and right to change lightshow
    4. Swipe to customized page, to select your favorite pattern and customize your lightshow
    5. Click the color wheel to change color or enter camera color picker
    6. Click the brightness button to adjust brightness of the lightshow

  • In the customized lightshow, you can select up to 3 patterns, however; the preset color cannot be changed. You can always adjust the lightshow brightness. 
  • 1. In order to change the name of the speaker, you must first connect your speaker via Bluetooth and then download the JBL Connect app.
    2. Once the app is downloaded choose app and wait for it to recognize your device.
    3. Now that your speaker is highlighted, choose the gear located either below or to the right of the speaker image.
    4. Once you choose the gear you will have the option to edit the name by clicking on the small pencil icon.
    5. After you change the name, you will see a notification stating to "Reconnect to  Apply New Name"
    6. Go to your Bluetooth settings select "Forget This Device" and then reconnect to establish the new speaker name.
  • You will need to dry the charging port completely before plugging in power for charging.
  • If there are drop out or connection issues when using PartyBoost or Connect+, it could be one of three things.

    1.      Units are too far apart (move units closer together) 

    2.      Interference from other 2.4gHz wireless units in the area.

    3.     Unit is no longer working as designed

    Here are some steps to isolate the issue:

     Try taking the units out of the house and test it outside with no interference to see if you still experience connectivity issues. If you still experience connectivity issues, please try steps below:

    Whatever unit drops off, remove that from the chain. Test the rest of the speakers and keep doing it until you find the speaker that is causing the drop outs.  If all speakers begin to drop off, please try a different order and repeat. Repeat this process with each unit being the “main speaker”. 

     Make sure to turn off all WiFi/RF devices. (Router, laptop, baby monitor, Nest cams, IP cams, WiFi switches, WiFi outlets, WiFi lights, cordless phones, etc.) 

    You should be able to identify the issue/speaker by following these steps. 

  • This product does not feature speakerphone or voice assistant functionality as it does not have a microphone.
  • This speaker does not have an Aux Input, so no analog connection is possible.
  • • Always have clear line of sight between your Bluetooth device (speaker, headphones etc.) and source device (Smartphone/tablet/PC etc). Be aware of obstacles in front of your devices.

    • Try to shutdown other products that have Bluetooth, but are not being used. They are often the reason for interference even though they are not being used.

    • Do not stand too close to your Wi-Fi router since a Wi-Fi signal is stronger and in many cases will "overlap" the connection.

    • Be aware of walls around you. Concrete and brick walls will often interrupt the signal, as it cannot pass through such thick walls.

    • Bluetooth signals cannot travel through water, which includes the human body. Make sure with wireless headphones to keep your source device and the receiver on the same side of your body.

    • Open spaces such as parks can cause issues for your devices, as open air is "bad" for any Bluetooth signal if it cannot reflect from objects around you.
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