• JBL Trip is too heavy it pulls my visor down
    The JBL Trip visor mount is bi-directional. Mount the clip to the other side of visor as shown in the “quick start guide” section 8. This will help displace the weight differently and your issue should be solved.
    The top capacitive buttons are sensitive and cause lots of miss-triggering, what can I do?
    When you press the power button you will hear a “door locked” tone. This means the top capacitive touch buttons have been locked. At this point you cannot trigger them. With another short press of the power button, you will hear a “door unlocked” tone, which means the top capacitive touch buttons have been unlocked.
    How do I mute the microphone?
    During phone call, short press the Siri Access button shown in “quick start guide” section 6 to mute the microphone. A short press the same button again will un-mute.
    Is JBL Trip waterproof?
    No. Please don’t expose JBL Trip to rain or other liquids.
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